Exploring Mindfulness with Your Child*

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Mindfulness is a popular meditation technique that encourages a person to live in the moment, to help draw their thoughts and feelings away from things that might be causing them distress. It can be used to boost positivity, increase concentration, improve creativity, and help with relaxation. As a result, a person who regularly practises mindfulness may end up with improved overall wellbeing. If you’d like to explore the concept of mindfulness with your child, here are some tips from a private school in West Sussex to get you started.

One thing to note is that mindfulness can be practised at any time or in any place, you don’t necessarily have to set time aside for it. For example, when eating a snack, encourage your child to really savour the experience by thinking about the tastes and textures. You should also encourage them to observe their surroundings whenever you go somewhere new.

Next time you’re out on a walk, encourage your child to tune into their senses and properly experience the moment. Ask them what they can see, hear, smell and feel. If they’re struggling, put forward some of your own thoughts, like the sound of the leaves crunching beneath your feet or the feel of the wind on your face. Gardening is also a good activity to inspire mindful thoughts. 

If your child finds it difficult to fall asleep at night, this might be a good opportunity to practise mindfulness. Once they have climbed into bed and found a comfortable position, ask them to close their eyes and gradually observe each part of their body and how it feels against the sheets, starting from the tips of their toes to the top of their head. 

When your child is having a tough day, encourage them to find a comfortable spot in the house, either laying down or sitting up, and focus on mindful breathing. This means paying attention to each breath as they inhale and exhale, observing how their tummy rises and falls each time. This should help them calm down and tune their thoughts back into the present moment. 

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