How to incorporate statement furniture into your home

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Have you ever been walking through a furniture store, browsing online, and noticed a chair or table that looks completely different from everything else you have at home, but you instantly love it? It may be unlike your usual style, but there is just something about it, and you start thinking about if it would fit in with your other furniture at home. However, because it is so different, you worry about incorporating it. 

If this is you, you're not alone! Because so many of us do this, it felt like a good idea to highlight a few tips on how you can incorporate statement pieces of furniture like this, which may differ from what you already have. 

Think about the colours 

Statement furniture can often be something which is a totally different colour to the rest of your furniture, and hence why it would stand out so much. This is often true for a sofa or chair which can be seen as a statement piece. If you're trying to integrate a statement sofa into a room with no similar colours to the sofa's material, then there are things you can do. Adding small cushions that reflect the other colours of your room to the sofa can help balance the room's colours. Alternatively, if for example, you're adding a purple chesterfield chair to your bedroom add splashes of purple around the room. This can be with a vase of flowers or some art on the wall. In either case, the goal is to make the statement furniture colour not the only example in the room. This way, it will stand out less, and your statement furniture will feel more a part of the room. 

Placement is key 

With something as big as a sofa, the placement can be problematic, as depending on the size of your room, there may be limited options where your sofa will fit. However, for smaller objects like a side table or a really bold lamp, you should have more flexibility. With items like this, try and place them in areas where your eye will not be drawn to them immediately. Corners or up against walls work well as statement pieces can then start to blend into the room, but because they are statements, your eye will still catch them when you look around the room. 

Keep the size in mind 

When looking at a statement piece of furniture in a shop or online, you really need to consider its size. This is obviously true with any piece of furniture, but it is even more critical with a statement piece. Often these will be eye-catching already, and if they are too big in a small space, they can look really out of place. 

Try to avoid overloading

You may have had success adding one piece of statement furniture to a room, and then be tempted to do the same again. While everyone's style is different and you can do with your home what you want, overloading a room with multiple bold statement furniture pieces can lead to a room looking cluttered and having no cohesion between their elements. If you're introducing a statement piece of furniture into a room, you need to think about how that will impact future purchases or changes you may want to make. 

Statement furniture can really enhance a room and make a great addition to your home, which you can enjoy for years. Following the tips above should allow you to get the most out of these furniture pieces and seamlessly incorporate them into your current design style. 


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