New ideas for your bathroom in 2021

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Creating a stunning bathroom can really enhance your home and provide you with another room to enjoy and spend time in. Your bathroom can be a haven of relaxation when done well, and with that in mind, we have put together some new ideas you may want to think about for your bathroom this year. 

With lockdown continuing for a while longer, if you're contemplating a new bathroom now is a good time to start putting some ideas together so when the time comes for you to go and see bathroom retailers you know what you're looking for. 

New metals in your bathroom 

Bathrooms have a long history with metals, with traditional copper baths, and now we are seeing metals used in a variety of new ways. Taps and radiators are not the only places where metal are being used. Metal accents on shower cubicles help define the edges of the screens and warm metals with a yellow hue work well against the predominantly white tones in most bathrooms. More industrial style shower heads are another excellent way of bringing different metals into your bathroom and decorative metal lampshades, often geometric shapes, always work well in minimalist bathrooms. 

Bluetooth lights 

Lighting has always been important in your bathroom. Getting the balance between natural and artificial light can be difficult due to the importance of privacy in most houses. This can limit the amount of natural light you can let into your bathroom. As a result, artificial light is really important. Over the past few years, we have seen the development of Bluetooth lighting systems that allow you to alter your lights' colour and strength from a smartphone or tablet. Installing some of these lights in your bathroom can be a great way to change the mood of the lighting, depending on how you're using the bathroom. You can easily and quickly go between standard lighting when getting ready in the morning to a calmer mood lighting if you're taking a relaxing bath in the evening. 

Matte finish 

Bringing a matte finish into your bathroom can create some fantastic contrast with the usually shine from most metals used. An easy place to start is with your sink and bath taps or showerhead. If you're unsure about a matte finish, it might be better to stick with basic colours rather than changing both the finish and the colour to something unusual. Matte white and black both look great and are more versatile than you might think. 

Bold colours and patterns


Image credit – Amtico - Designers’ Choice – The Kura DC310

After the really hard year that was 2020, people are looking for some light relief this year. Bringing more colours and patterns into your home can be a great way of lifting your mood and your bathroom can be a great room to do this. Exploring bold tiling or wall prints is one way you can do this. Alternatively, you can bring some great colours and designs into your bathroom by changing your bathroom flooring. Vinyl flooring offers some great options here, with the balance of practicality and exciting designs. 

These are just a few ideas to get you started if you're thinking about redesigning your bathroom this year. Hopefully, they gave you something to think about! If you have any other ideas for a bathroom redesign, why not share them in the comments below.  


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