Should I Encourage My Child to Learn an Instrument*

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It’s important for parents to encourage their children to pursue their hobbies outside of school, not only to ensure they are spending their time wisely (i.e., not wasting hours on end playing video games) and also so that they develop key skills. Music lessons are one option you could look into, as there are many benefits of learning an instrument. I have teamed up with a senior school in Hampshire to explore these benefits.

A child who learns an instrument must learn to juggle having various important responsibilities and manage their time effectively. They will have to fit in school, homework, music lessons, music practise and downtime. The ability to cope with a busy schedule will prepare your child for adulthood, and even for periods in their school life when the pressure is mounting. It’s also a chance for them to understand the importance of dedication; sticking at something even when it feels tough or overwhelming.

Learning an instrument also helps boost a child’s confidence. When performing in front of people, even if it’s just you, they will receive praise that will make them feel proud of themselves. At times they will be given constructive criticism, which will help them learn from their weaknesses and turn them into strengths. A confident child, and one who is able to move on from their mistakes, will be better able to handle any challenges that are thrown their way. They might also feel more comfortable raising their hand in class and contributing to discussions. Confidence will even help them in social situations, of which there will be many as they grow up.

Young people who are able to demonstrate interests and skills outside of their school commitments will be looked upon favourably by universities and prospective employers. In other words, learning an instrument might help a child land a job or a place on a university course. This alone is a fantastic reason for your child to consider learning an instrument.

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