3 Approaches for Balancing Freelancing With Family

The freelance life is not for everyone, but because of recent events, it may be a necessity. Whether you have been let go from your job or furloughed as a result of the pandemic, you may find that you've got to make ends meet by doing some freelance work. But this can be a challenge for anybody who's not used to the lifestyle. But what happens when you throw into the mix being a parent? Balancing parental duties while also navigating the freelance way of life is not easy. But what are the essentials you need to consider at this juncture?

Don’t Overload Yourself 

It sounds easy to say, but actually making sure that you don't overdo things is about having a stern word with yourself. You must remember that many freelancers feel that if they get off the treadmill, the work will dry up. But the reality is that everybody has peaks and troughs. And there are many components of freelancing life where you can pick up and put down jobs as you see fit. You may think that because you've got a handful of jobs going, you cannot say no to anymore. This is a surefire way to overload yourself. Instead, take a look at the types of jobs that can fit into your current schedule. There are numerous delivery jobs available that you can fit around your life. Setting a schedule is crucial because it gives you a template to work from. You can then see for yourself if you are doing more than what your schedule allows.

Don’t Chase “Money”

For many of us, the overriding worry is about money. Chasing the finances will mean that we get into a cycle of constantly working. We all go after money and if we have this in the forefront of our minds we may struggle to stop ourselves. If you are constantly after the money, it will never be enough. Therefore, you will keep piling the pressure on yourself and you will never know when to stop. Having a healthy attitude towards money is very simply about looking at the essentials in your life versus the things that would be nice to have. At this juncture, if you are not earning enough money to pay for the things that you would like to have but the essentials are covered, perhaps you need to take a step back.

See the Bigger Picture

You are a parent first and foremost. Therefore, you should consider if what you are doing is impacting on your ability to be a parent. This partly goes back to the idea of not chasing money but if you are able to keep a roof over your head without any issues, this is enough. See the bigger picture and understand that if your children are happy then you are doing enough. Living the life of a freelancer is not easy at the best of times but if you learn to get the balance right and not chase the money side of things, you can tip the balance firmly in your favour.
*Contributed by Sam Jones. *Photo source Pixabay - CC0 Licence 

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