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Since the Covid 19 pandemic began to wreak its havoc across the globe, ecommerce has taken off to new heights. The stresses and strains being put on businesses trying to keep up with current industry trends and economic opportunities and obstacles are potentially crippling. For those who might be struggling to keep on top of their business’ analytics, and trends, or if you are struggling to be visible to a wider consumer base then you should definitely consider the potential benefits of the Google Cloud Marketplace.


There’s a wide range of packages covering every potential need from data and content management to analytics providers to website building packages which enable you to create and operate a fully professional online store. And with the upsurge in online consumerism during the Covid pandemic, packages like these have become especially popular as people seek to work and make a profit from home.


What Is The Google Cloud Marketplace?

It is a great solution for many businesses as it allows quick deployment of fully functional software packages that run on Google Cloud. Do not be deterred if you are not familiar with the Google Cloud services in general, the package is designed with such people in mind. It makes it possible to start up a software package which feels comfortable, easy to use and is well suited to your particular business needs. You can do this without the hassle of having to manually configure tricky software, nor will you have to negotiate complex and sometimes challenging network or storage settings. By using this kind of service you can reduce your time wasted and increase your productivity, effectiveness and hopefully, profits.


Selling Your Software on Cloud Marketplace


To sell your own software on Cloud Marketplace, it is required that you are approved as a Google Cloud Build Engagement partner. For more info follow the easy to follow links on the Cloud Marketplace page. But why sell on Google Cloud Marketplace? What are the benefits. Well among others it can be cost effective for many consumers when compared with other rival competitors. The packages are priced well and this is a massive selling point in these economically troubling times. 

Utilising this platform can be just the thing your business needs, with analytics and state of the art security, combined with the fact your will instantly be plugged into the global Google Cloud Infrastructure and thereby open for business across the globe. The advantages are potentially unlimited, and if you find a package which is right for you, the running of the package is also structured in such a way as to be easily understood and operated by those who are not as familiar with the Google Cloud Platform or other similar platforms.


Selling Items Via Google Cloud Marketplace Platform


If you wish to buy, sell and list items for sale then the Google Cloud Marketplace is an ideal solution for you too. There are packages which will allow you to do so without as many of the fees nor the time consuming processes involved when using one of the well known consumer platforms. There are packages which cater to the online retailers and businesses which are keen to expand their online presence as they seek to increase their respective shares of their markets.

Deploying a Software Package

The user can select and deploy the package which suits their needs from the Google Cloud Marketplace webpage of the Cloud console. There are many different solutions available on the Marketplace, and for some of these solutions there are also a number of alternatives within that solution. This means that you have the choice of which fits your business the best. A good example of this is the fact that The Google Cloud Marketplace offers multiple packages for WordPress.

To ensure a solution is right for you, make sure you look at the details page which comes with each package as this will detail the VM (Virtual Machine) type, the operating system and other specifics and estimates such as costs of each package. Again all this should enable you to find the package which is going to make a positive impact on your business.
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