Top Tips to Help Your Child Learn a New Language*

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Learning a second language at an early age not only prepares children for studying languages at school, but it also boosts their overall learning capabilities. Studies show that multilingual children have improved critical thinking and creativity skills. Furthermore, knowing a second language can lead to more career opportunities in the future.

If you are looking for some tips on how to help your child learn a new language, here is some great advice from an independent boy’s school in Twickenham

Help your child to practice language learning

If you want to help your child learn a new language, you will need to encourage them to practice as often as possible. Try to make time for language learning at least once a day. This can be done at home using books or online resources. To help with your home learning you could use posters or add sticky labels to objects around your house. This will help your child to memorise new words and enrich their vocabulary.

Learn languages online

There are many useful language learning resources available online. Many are free and very easy to use. These are a great way to encourage learning through fun and interactive games. Help your child to get set up on your computer, or download an app onto your smart phone or tablet. This way you can learn with them, wherever and whenever!

Support language learning with television

You may not usually encourage your child to watch television; however, foreign-language television programmes can be really useful for language learning. Your child will be able to follow along visually, whilst listening to natural conversation and pause or rewind if required. This learning technique will help to improve your child’s pronunciation and sentence structure.

Use music to memorise new languages

Finally, music is a great way to learn new languages. Studies have shown that listening to songs and singing along helps children to memorise the lyrics. So, try to use music to help your child memorise a new language. If you have younger children you could introduce them to nursery rhymes in your chosen language.

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