The Importance of Pastoral Care in Schools*

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Pastoral care is a support system provided by schools to look after the physical and emotional welfare of each student. Responsibility for pastoral care is usually shared between the school staff; however an effective pastoral care system will filter into every aspect of school life, meaning that the responsibilities are shared by the whole school community.

A pastoral care programme ensures the success and personal development of all children. It should also encourage pupils to respect their classmates and teachers.

For a better understanding of why pastoral care is so important in schools, an independent school in Harpenden have highlighted more of the benefits below…

Health & Safety

From illnesses to injuries at school, pastoral care covers the procedures put in place to deal with health and safety. School immunisation programmes also fall under a pastoral care duty. Furthermore, a Pastoral Care Manager is responsible for communicating with parents and carers to ensure that all children are protected from neglect and abuse.

School Security

Securing the school premises also falls under a school’s pastoral system. This is usually assigned to a caretaker to oversee. They will check the school boundaries are secure and that all fire alarms are working correctly. School security also ensures that everyone visiting the school is signed in and closely monitored.

Pupil Wellbeing

Many schools have their own Pastoral Care Manager who is in charge of monitoring and supporting children’s emotional and behavioural needs, as well as assisting with learning difficulties. In addition, pastoral care is included in lessons. For example, children are taught about bullying, mental health, sex education and online safety.

Residential boarding

At boarding school, pastoral care is supervised by the boarding staff. They need to be on-hand to provide additional support for children staying away from their parents. These children may need additional help with daily chores, transportation or making arrangements for religious celebrations.

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