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Natural beauty products are being used by more and more people, in this increasingly environmentally and health conscious society, it seems people are realising the benefits of going natural. Natural beauty products can be better for your own health than conventional ones, as well as being much more environmentally friendly. Interested to find out more? Then read on to discover the bios of some social media influencers and bloggers et al who share this interest.

1. Glow Organic is a blog which has been espousing the virtues and extolling the benefits of natural beauty products since 2015. They discuss all things organic beauty with a particular emphasis on green natural beauty products. Like Sara Steele and others, they also conduct tutorials whereby they demonstrate various natural products for you. They can be found at

2. Sara Steele is a Swedish Blogger living in London, UK. She is specifically interested in the benefits and beauty of organic hairstyling. On her page, she features a plethora of organic and non-animal tested hair products which she reviews in depth. Keen to share her knowledge and skills she also provides educational content in the form of hair tutorial. These tutorials are particularly useful for those who are delving into the world of natural hair and beauty products for the first time. 


3. Emma Watson At just nine years of age whilst filming the first Harry Potter film the young actress had become well accustomed to the rigours of being covered in makeup. Later, she would credit the stress of filming, sweating under the hot lights covered in thick makeup as being a major cause of her acne breakout which you can see during the 4th film. This led her to really examine her options with regards to taking better care of her skin. She has often spoken about her personal preference for natural beauty products, and has often detailed specific products and ranges of skincare products and others such as during this interview with Vogue Australia.


Personally I think it is super refreshing to see such a well renowned public figure, using their profile to highlight the many benefits of using natural products. A quick search online will reveal a wealth of information with regards to Emma’s love of natural products.

I hope you find this informative, and I would definitely recommend everyone to use natural organic products wherever possible, the benefits to you and the world around us could be infinite. Thanks for reading.



*Header photo source Pexels. Second photo source Pexels.



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