Building a Relationship with Your Child’s Teachers*

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Parents and teachers have very similar goals when it comes to a child’s education and personal development. For that reason, it’s important for parents to build a positive relationship with their child’s teacher, not only to encourage your child to work hard, but also so that you can share any concerns you may have with one another so that you can work together to overcome them. I have teamed up with a secondary school in Bristol to offer parents some tips on how to make this happen.

If your child is starting a new school next September, or even if they’re just getting a new teacher as they move up a year, try and meet them as soon as you can. Share some of your child’s interests and any problem areas you’d like to work on. You should also ask the teacher how they would prefer to be contacted going forward. 

Plan visits with the teacher several times throughout the year, not just on Parents’ Evening, so that you can monitor your child’s progress. However, make sure you are considerate of their time and arrive promptly to any scheduled meetings, as they will have lots of other students and parents to see to. During your meetings, ask the teacher for some information on the curriculum and any recommended learning resources you could try out at home. 

Be sure to give your child’s teacher reassurance and praise when you can; if they feel appreciated, they will continue to do a good job. Send your child with a gift or card at Christmas time or the end of the year to say thank you. This will show your child how important it is to show your gratitude to those who deserve it, while also helping the teacher to feel respected. Fostering this relationship early will go a long way in helping your child succeed academically. After all, research has found that the more involved a parent is in their child’s education, the more likely they are to try their best and reach their full potential. 


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