Top Tips for Helping Your Child with Maths*

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Some children are naturals when it comes to maths, while others need some additional support to keep them motivated. Parents who aren’t good at maths themselves are probably wondering how they can possibly be of any use to their children, but there are actually lots of things you can do. Here are some top tips from a private school near Rickmansworth.

It might help to start by contacting your child’s teacher for some guidance. Many parents find it useful to understand a little more about how their children are being taught maths at school and what topics are being covered. The teacher will also be able to recommend some age appropriate learning tools, such as textbooks and online resources. 

For younger children, you should focus on basic counting. Perhaps use nursery rhymes like “One, Two, Buckle My Shoe” or “Ten Green Bottles” to familiarise them with the numbers. Older children might benefit from having charts up on the wall, like the Times Tables, so that they can refer to it when doing their homework. 

Try and show your child that a) maths is important in everyday life and b) maths can be fun. This will encourage them to take it more seriously. Ask them to help you next time you’re cooking or baking, as they’ll need to measure out ingredients and calculate oven times. You could also take them along next time you go shopping and ask them to calculate how much the items will cost when you reach the till and how much change you should get. There are also lots of board games that require basic numeracy skills, such as Monopoly, another way to show your child that maths is fun.

Be patient with your child through this learning journey; let them work things out without your help and then ask them how they came to the answer. If they make any mistakes, you will be able to figure out what the sticking point is and offer your advice. 


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