How To Start Playing Cricket

At this time when many of us are stuck indoors and our previous fitness routines may be going south, it’s understandable that you might be looking for a new sport to try. 

Well, why not make that sport cricket? After all, it’s a sport that’s suitable for a wide range of ages. Like any sport, it gets you out of the house and into the fresh air, and helps to teach skills like concentration and hand-eye coordination. It’s also a fascinating sport from the point of view of being a team sport, but also one that requires individual skill. 

So, presuming you’ve concluded that cricket could be the sport for you, how do you get involved? 

First of all, what are the rules of cricket? 

As the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) explains, cricket is a team sport contested by two competing sides, each typically consisting of 11 players. 

The three main elements of cricket are batting, bowling and fielding. However, cricket games can be as short as 15 minutes or last as long as five days, with many different formats to try. 

One of the shortest formats of the sport, for example, is Twenty20, where two teams have one 20-over innings each. One version of this is the ECB’s Last Man Stands, an eight-a-side amateur league in which each game is completed in less than two hours, and – in keeping with its name – sides can only be bowled out when all eight players are dismissed.   

Another, highly inclusive format of cricket is Kwik Cricket. This type of cricket emphasises participation and enjoyment above all else, and while it is tailored to the requirements of children up to 11 years old, anyone can play it recreationally. 

Where can I play cricket? 

The short answer is: almost anywhere, indoors or outdoors. People routinely play cricket in their gardens, local parks, sports halls, playgrounds or even cages. 

Naturally, different formats of cricket are suited to different spaces and numbers of players. I’d therefore urge you to carefully consider the various formats of cricket before deciding which one is best for the safety and enjoyment of you and anyone you play with.   

Find a cricket club near you 

Once you know a little about the sport, the simplest way to get started in cricket is to find and contact your local cricket club. You might do this by Googling “cricket clubs near me”, or searching the databases of the ECB, Cricket Scotland or Cricket Ireland

Local clubs naturally vary in their exact offerings. Some of them run winter sessions for youngsters from around the age of six who may wish to try the game. As for novice adults, most clubs have several teams playing Saturday cricket, while others may offer Sunday and midweek friendlies, as well as the aforementioned Last Man Stands competition. 

Then, you’ll simply need to shop for clothing and equipment 

You can get started with a casual game of soft-ball cricket pretty much straight away, as long as you have the ball, comfortable clothing and someone to play with. 

But presuming you’re slightly more serious than that, brick-and-mortar sports shops and online retailers – such as MR Cricket Hockey – will stock all of the bats, bags, footwear and other cricket clothing and accessories you’ll require. 

And that’s more-or-less it – cricket doesn’t have to be as intimidating as you might think! Play this enjoyable sport in a format and at a pace that is comfortable for you, and you might be surprised by how quickly you build up your skills.

*Header photo source Pexels 

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