4 Ideas for UK Party Venues*

*This is a collaborative post*
If you’re planning to host a party in the near future, you’ve probably been thinking about the venue. Whether it’s a birthday, wedding or a corporate event, there are so many different types of venues all around the country that might be suitable for you. Here are some ideas to get you started…

  1. A Party Bus

Of course, it’s not appropriate for a wedding, but why not have your work Christmas Do, Stag or Hen, or your next birthday bash on a party bus. Have a few drinks, relax, and enjoy the ride! Obviously depending on the size and type of bus, you can probably fit around 60 seated guests.

  1. A Private School

Private schools are beautiful and often comparable to stately homes, like this wedding venue in Somerset. They are a great spot for a photoshoot, have plenty of room for a dancefloor and the school kitchens can be used to prepare the food, so you have everything you need. The chances are, you probably have several stunning private schools near your home that you didn’t even know about.

  1. A Museum

Museums are another beautiful choice for party venue, as they’re usually quite historical and majestic. The Natural History Museum hosts all kinds of parties and events throughout the year, but you might have a museum closer to where you live that you could use instead. 

  1. A Vineyard

When you think of a vineyard, you usually think of somewhere in Italy or the South of France, but there are actually more vineyards in the UK than you might think. What better place to host a party than somewhere that grows the ingredients for wine? Plus, they’re stunning and another great place for some epic photos.


*Photo source Pexels 

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