Top Tips for Improving Your Home*

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It’s perfectly normal for a home to experience wear and tear, especially if you have children who are yet to learn how to take care of things. However, if you don’t make small repairs and adjustments here and there, you’ll wake up one day and wonder how things got so out of hand. It’s crucial to keep on top of these things so that you’re not left with one huge, expensive renovation project, especially if you’re planning to sell one day.

Be sure to give your property a once over every now and again, looking out for any signs of damage that needs to be repaired ASAP. For instance, there may be a rotting fence panel that you need to replace before it starts to damage the rest of the fence. You may notice cracks in your walls and patio, which could indicate damage to your building’s foundations. These are dramatic examples and it’s likely that the problems you spot will take five minutes to fix. Either way, it’s a good idea to inspect your home so that these things don’t come as a shock to you.

Once way to really update your property and make it feel like a new home is to give it a fresh coat of paint. This will brighten it up and clean up any marks that might have made their way onto the walls. Team this with some new soft furnishings and it will feel like a new property for not a huge amount of money. Of course, if you do have the money to spend, it would be rude to say no to new furniture as well.

Have a think about your windows. Are they double glazed? If not, you could be wasting money on your heating bills in winter, as lots of the heat will escape through the thin panes of glass. It might be worth looking into getting the panes replaced so that you can save a few pennies when winter rolls around. Another fantastic option for your windows is stained glass. This can really add an element of personality to your property and brighten it up with beautiful, dancing colours whenever the sun shines through. 

Speaking of saving money in winter… it might be worth swapping out your light bulbs for LEDs if you haven’t already. These use far less energy then their alternatives and don’t usually need to be replaced as often either. Lighting is actually hugely important when it comes to your home aesthetics as it can be used to highlight feature pieces, like a beautiful piece of art or a bookshelf. This is true outside too, if you have gorgeous flower beds or a fountain, so have a think about it if you’re keen to make some stylish updates. 


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