Teaching Your Child to Respect School Rules*

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Teachers are perturbed with the mission of teaching a classroom full of pupils to respect them and the school rules, each and every day of the academic year. While most children do, there are always a few that fall out of line and create a distracting environment for their peers. However, school rules are obviously in place for a reason and if children don’t follow them, the consequences can be dire.  As a parent, it would be very beneficial for your child if you advocated the same behaviour outside of the classroom. This will not only support the teachers but will also allow you to raise a well-mannered, respectable child. Here’s some advice from a girls’ prep school in Oxford to get you started.


Children are not born with perfect manners and an understanding of respect; these are things they have to learn, so it’s unfair to blame a child if they have not been taught. They need influential people in their lives such as parents, siblings, grandparents, friends and teachers, to show them the difference between right and wrong. This is a concept you can explore when your child is very young and demonstrate through their life with your own behaviour. You’ll have to be very explicit with your rules, as children are very good at manipulating or misinterpreting grey areas. 


Talk to your child about the difference between rules and routine. Routines can be adapted from time to time to suit the situation, such as bedtime, without any serious consequences. Rules, on the other hand, are firm and put in place to ensure the safety and security of your child. 


When trying to teach your child about appropriate and inappropriate behaviour at school (or generally), it might help them to give them some example scenarios. For instance, if the teacher is shouting at someone, it would be completely inappropriate to laugh because that could lead to further punishment. Explain to your child that when they are at home, you are in charge, but when they are at school, their teacher is in charge. Let them know that if there is any misbehaviour at school, you will find out and they will be punished. Equally, it’s important to praise your child when they have been doing well. 


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