How to Design the Perfect Wedding Outfit

How to Design the Perfect Wedding Outfit 


Let’s face it; there have not exactly been many opportunities to leave the house this year so far, let alone get dressed up and glamorous. However, the wedding season is upon us and with the chance to start attending our loved one’s ceremonies, now is a great excuse to go all out as if it was our special day. 
This piece will discuss how you can design the perfect wedding outfit.

The Wedding Guest Outfit Base


When choosing an outfit for a wedding, the most common part to start with is the outfit base. Common bases to choose from are smart suits, blouses and trousers, skirts and a nice top, or of course, a classic dress.

Whichever you pick, make sure it suits your body shape for that extra wow factor, and if it is possible, get your outfit tailored so you can look extra sharp. Whatever your shape or size, there is something out there that will make you feel and look like a million dollars. Whether you are a plus size mother of the bride or long lost girlfriend from school, treat yourself to something you will feel amazing in.

The Wedding Guest Shoes



Once the main outfit is sorted, it is time to find the perfect shoes to compliment the outfit. When picking out shoes, it is important to consider the events of the day. Is this wedding in a church or a field? Where the wedding is held should factor into what shoes you pick for your outfit, or more importantly, if you will need a pair to change into. There are plenty of stylish flats and wedges now, which can both make you look sophisticated, with wedges giving you a spike of height with much less pain than stilettos. 

Whatever option you go for, make sure they both complement the outfit, and are suitable and comfortable for your needs throughout the day.

Wedding Guest Make-up and Hair

Whether you choose a make-up or hairstyle before or after the outfit does not matter, as long as they complement each other. It may be easier to pick an outfit first, so you know what you are working with, and then it can narrow down the colours, shades, and styles of the make-up and hair looks you favour. 
Having an idea of how you want it to look and having a few practices before the occasion will make the morning much easier to achieve the look you want.

The Wedding Guest Accessories


No outfit is complete without accessories. Accessories are the very thing that can bring a whole look together.

What accessories to opt for that will bring together the whole ensemble will depend on the style of the outfit. For example, if the dress is a halter neck, some earrings and a bracelet would look much better over a necklace, which could look too cluttered. And if your outfit has long sleeves and you have long hair that will be styled down, then maybe earrings and a bracelet wouldn’t be the best choice, and a statement necklace or ring would be the better option.

Experiment to see what you like best!

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