The Pros and Cons Of Running A Business

If you run your own business, you’ll know it’s the best, and sometimes the worst job. There are big highs when the company grows, becomes successful, and helps people. The lows, however, can be feeling devastated when the business does not do as well as you’d hoped, or when you feel you need time off! Running a business can take many forms; some people run one entirely from home, some run a store or shop, and some do a mixture of both. Whatever your situation and whatever your goals, here are the pros and cons of running your own business.


Let’s start with the positives, shall we? Here are some of the awesome things you can expect from running your own company.

1. Calling the shots

Of course, this is the reason so many people want to run their own business. You are the boss! That means you get to call the shots, and every decision is yours to finally make. You have full creative control (if you want it), or you can hire trusted colleagues and divest power in others to strengthen the business’ team. Whatever you decide, you are your own boss.

2. Making your vision a reality

Most people start a business because they have an idea or a vision of a product or service that can help people, and give them an awesome experience. Whichever industry you work within, your innovative concept can be made into a reality. Watching your dreams come to life is a feeling like no other!

3. Working from home

If you run your business online, this gives you the chance to work from home. Lots of people prefer the work from home model to office life, establishing their own routine, workspace and setup. This helps them to concentrate and perform at their very best in their field. If you are one of those people, you may enjoy running a business from home.

Similarly, if you provide a service such as physical therapy, hairdressing, counselling or tutoring, you can also run your business from home. For beautiful, private home-office setups in your yard, visit


1. A weight on your shoulders

Calling all the shots sounds fun, but leadership is hard. Being responsible for the employment of a team who are relying on you; making creative decisions which impact the growth of the business; and creating a strategy which others rely on are all tough projects to execute well. Being your own boss is awesome, but do not underestimate the responsibility.

2. The prospect of failure

Of course, not all businesses succeed. Many people find that for whatever reason, be it the economy, their own issues or simply a lack of financial viability, their business fails. This can be a crushing blow, both personally or financially. Running a business is high risk, high reward.

3. No days off

You’re the boss, and that means everyone will look to you when problems arise. Certainly in the first few years, before you have a secure team who can take over, you will struggle to have any real time off!

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