Taking Better Care of Your Elderly Parents That Live in the Household

You’d be surprised how many live in multigenerational households. While most homes have parents and their children, some households may even have seniors in it. This could happen for a number of reasons, such as the house being owned by the senior or the senior moving in to live with their family instead of going to a retirement home. Whatever the situation may be, it can often be stressful or even challenging to cope with life in a multigenerational household.

So in this post, we’ll be taking a look at how you can take better care of your elderly parents that still live in the household. However, we’ll also be touching on some suggestions that might help if you feel like you’re unable to cope with life with your elderly parents living under the same roof.

Helping your elderly parents feel a sense of purpose in the household

Sometimes, it’s important to give your elderly parents a sense of purpose in the household or else they could feel like they’re just getting in the way, intruding or living off your generosity. A sense of purpose can help them feel happy and like they belong in the household. There are a number of different roles that you can give your parents, even if it’s just something small.

For instance, instead of hiring a babysitter, you could always ask your parents to look after the children. You could also consider letting them walk your children to and from school if you’re busy and they’re still mobile and active. Some parents also feel comfortable working in the kitchen to cook up snacks, bake cakes and biscuits, or even help with cooking dinner. Some people may think that their parents are just getting in the way, but it’s never a bad idea to get some help around the house.

By sharing the responsibilities of running the house, it enables you to free up a lot of spare time so that you can focus on your work or other commitments. It also allows your parents to learn more about the kids and grow the family connection.

Adapting the house to cope with their physical needs

As our parents age, they’ll most likely start feeling like their bodies are sluggish or weak. This usually results in getting some kind of mobility equipment around the house to help them get around, or changing the layout to help them feel more comfortable.

This can be a huge commitment as it generally involves installing things around the house such as handles or even a stairlift. It can also lead to room renovations, such as moving their bedroom down to the ground floor or installing a personal bathroom for them to use. This can be a huge financial investment but it’s necessary if you want to keep your parents under the same roof.

Make sure you’re also looking at mobility aids that can help your parents get around. Sometimes all they need is a simple walking stick to help relieve some of the tension when they walk. Other times, they might need a wheelchair, especially when going outside. Adapting your house can also take some time as installing something like a stairlift can be a big investment. As long as you plan ahead and speak with your parents about their options, you’ll find that making your home more friendly to their needs can be rather simple.


It may be that your parents need additional support such as with their personal care and you may not feel comfortable doing this. In cases like this it's worth looking at outside professional help from care agencies such as care for family.

What options do you have for retirement homes?

Many senior parents feel like moving to a nursing home should be a last resort as it denies them the privilege of being around their family. Some parents might actually prefer to be away from the family as they can feel like they’re intruding and causing you or your family more stress. Whatever the situation might be, it’s important to understand that a nursing home or retirement home isn’t the only option available, with facilities like chelseaseniorliving.com/locations/new-jersey/montville/ offering assisted living, respite care, memory care services, and more. There are a plethora of choices on offer, with something to suit everyone.

An increasingly popular option that offers your parents independence and care is a retirement village. Options such as Enterprise Retirement Living can give your parents a luxury serviced property that is surrounded by like-minded people around their age. It’s a place where friendships can be formed and new skills can be learned even in their golden years.

If your parents are looking for an option that gives both you and them independence, then a retirement village could be a fantastic option. While it requires a significant investment, it could actually be the best option for your elderly parents if they want to move out of your household.

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