What The Desired, Regal Wedding Style Looks Like

There are hundreds and hundreds of wedding styles to choose from. It's the first difficult choice you need to make and it's probably the toughest. For one thing, it will decide or play a hand in everything else. On the other hand, it will also decide your budget for the most part. So getting it right in all the ways possible, is very important. If you want a luxurious wedding, there are a number of styles to choose from but they all fall under one category; regal. This type of wedding style is famous for being ‘posh’ or perhaps ‘upper-class’. Yet, anyone can have it, if you can afford it. If you are interested in this style, this is what you need to know.

Pastel neutrals rule the realm

Take a look at any Royal Wedding or an aristocrat wedding, you will see the same colour theme cropping up. Pastel neutrals are lighter shades of the pastel palette. They consist of light purple, blue, cream and dream pink. These shades are used for the flowers, the furniture, cutlery and other decorations such as balloons and confetti. This is something you should make aware of your luxury wedding planners who will look back into their periodic styles and find you the best kinds of services that deliver this colour palette. People like Katrina make this happen by having a wide array of contacts within the wedding industry. Niche design concepts, sourcing from brilliant suppliers and making sure you get an accurate regal style is what will be achieved. 

The sheer beauty

The regal style is a mixture of tradition and fairytale. Perhaps the latter follows the former but we just don’t make the connection too often. But as you can see, a lot of beauty is injected into a regal wedding, by candles. Having traditional Victorian or Edwardian polished brass candle holders is going to make your wedding picturesque to a tee. The candle needs to be made out of a special kind of wax, that burns bright and strong. You don’t want a sudden gust of wind from a door shutting to blow out the flame. 

What is equally as beautiful is having a traditional chandelier at your entrance hall or at the venue itself. More than likely you cannot do the latter because regal weddings have always taken place at old cathedrals and churches. A crystal chandelier from the 1900s is definitely something you should yearn for.

Alive with personality

No regal wedding ever has a motorcade for a wedding. Instead, you want magnificent beasts that are alive with personality and most importantly, are just as beautiful as your wedding. A horse and carriage is therefore an absolute must. However, you may wish to have Friesian horses that are known for their elegant trots, shiny coats and sleek bodies. A golden or silver carriage would go nicely for contrasting colours.

A regal wedding is bathed in history and tradition. If this is something you consider very valuable to your wedding day desires, start by contacting a wedding planner who knows the regal style off by heart.

*Photo source Pexels.

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