What To Buy For A Pet Lover*

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Being an animal lover I thought I'd write about some potential gifts to consider when looking for something special or unique for the animal lover in your life. See, if you buy an animal related gift for a true animal lover, you will be in their ‘good books’ for at least the foreseeable future, guaranteed. 

Commission an Original Painting?

I think one of the coolest things you can do is to commission some form of artwork. I’ve noticed on social media in the last couple of years, a lot of people commissioning artists to create everything from oil paintings to pencil sketches of their beloved pets. While not everyone will be able to afford to splash out hundreds of pounds on a professional animal portrait, there are many people online who are budding and aspiring artists. 

If you would like to commission an original painting of a pet for a friend or loved one, it can be quite costly. So, for those who have a more modest budget I'd advise you to look up some of the many ‘amateur’ artists online, via social media and other well known creative sites. They will often have more reasonable fees (given the current economic climate). In my opinion some of these artists are as good and in some cases better than their “professional” counterparts. 

There is always something unique and special about commissioning an original artwork and it is a gift which will surely be gratefully received.

Love Artistry But Do Not Have the Budget?

There are some really popular and well priced alternatives for people who perhaps want a more contemporary feel to their gift. You’ll be glad to know there is a generally cheaper alternative which can be every bit as charming and as fun and as lovely as a painting. In this digital age, many people prefer to have an image of their pet which they can view and access easily at anytime. Vector Pets cater for those very desires. 

For less than ten pounds they will utilize their graphic design skills and create for you a wonderful digital painting, cartoon or other, as your taste dictates. The above design is from one of the ‘detailed’ range. The image below is one from the ‘cartoon range’, perfect for small children in my opinion or as a fun gift for a friend. 

The process is very easy and there is step by step guidance on their site. I think they are also unique and again there is a certain originality in this kind of gift. It’s ideal for this day and age, custom animal illustrations are an affordable way of obtaining a unique depiction of your loved one’s beloved pet, that he or she can access and look at whenever they like. 

Animal Toys and Treats

For many people pets are more than a companion, they become like one of the family, as such we are spoiling our pets with treats and toys like never before. It's always a good move to involve a person's beloved pet in the festivities; whether it be a birthday or at Christmas time. There are so many options available including soft toys, squeaky toys, flavoured chew toys and more modern things such as large excercise wheels for cats. There are toys designed to stimulate your pet's brain function as well as all kinds of tasty treats.

Personalised Gifts

For those animal lovers who don't mind flaunting the fact, personalised gifts are always a popular choice. Whether it be a dressing gown adorned with images of your favourite animal. You can buy mugs and keyrings, coasters, hats and gloves, or even get a specially engraved lead and collar. Once again there is so much selction when it comes to personalising gifts that really you are only limited by your budget and your imagination.

Pet Spa Days

This must be the ultimate gift for a dog lover, to be able to go and lose oneself in a relaxing spa resort, being pampered, but not having to be alone nor with a crowd, you can enjoy your time with your dog by your side thanks to the fact some spa resorts are dog friendly.

*Header photo source Pexels. Second photo source Pixabay. Third image source VectorPets. Fourth image source VectorPets. Fifth image source Pexels.

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