Stuck At Home With Quarantine Blues? These Will See You Through


*This is a collaborative post* 

Life can be hard at the moment. If you’re in a country with severe lockdown or perhaps you’re self isolating, life can get pretty boring fast. Especially now there seems to be major worries about second waves hitting over the country. If you’re stuck at home, there are ways for you to pass the time. Some get old fast. Others last a long time. What bores some, entertains others. You’ll soon grow into your own hobbies and pastimes. For now though, here are a few ideas to get you started. The best ones are those where you can get your family involved, even if it is nice to have your own space from time to time.

Sort The Garden Out

If it's a bit of a mess then why not get out there and sort it out when you’ve got the time. You can be involved as you like. It might just be cutting the grass and cutting back any overhanging plants. Or, you could completely remodel it. You might want to create a decking area, planting Poplar Nurseries, or finding space for a greenhouse. You might plant whole new areas of plants, or think about getting some new garden furniture. You could use a jet washer and clean your patio up. There are all kinds of things you can do to pass the time. Getting the garden in a better state is one of them and the kind of thing you can involve your children and family in doing. Also, depending on what you do it doesn’t have to cost much.

Find A New Exercise Regime

Ever wanted to get into a better shape? Or just want to feel a little healthier. When else when you’ve got so much downtime. You can start off by just going for the odd walk, then make it daily then challenge yourself. You can do this by aiming for distance or steps. When this is done, you can start to move towards proper exercise. You could follow the same routes but as a run not a walk. Or you could start doing workouts at home. There are hundreds on YouTube which apply to all skill levels. Beyond this you could do weight training or buy equipment and join a gym when lockdown finally ends. Once you’ve got into a new routine you’ll feel much better.

Find Your Hobby

If you start to find yourself getting bored you might need to find a new hobby. Most people have them, but if you were extremely busy beforehand with work or family you might not have developed one. There’s a lot you can get involved with. Reading is an easy one to pick up. With countless genres and books to choose from. If your friends like to game, then maybe you can join them. It’s fun and a brilliant way to continue to socialise during these hard times. You might like to learn. Try an online class, such as a language class to broaden your horizons and make you a more rounded, skilled person.

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