Clever Ideas To Help You Get Some Savings Behind You*

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Be honest, how are you really managing your money? Many of us will struggle to admit that we barely make it to payday, and usually end up saving very little each month. But without savings, you won’t be able to do big things like buying a house, travel, and so on. Being able to get into a good habit of saving can be tough, but it will benefit your future.

When money is tight, saving can feel impossible. But luckily for you, there are some simple ways that you can make it possible. Take a look at these clever ideas to help you get some savings behind you.

Put it away on payday

One good tip for helping you save more is to put it away on payday. By doing this, you’ll be less likely to touch it, and the money won’t be sat in your available funds. You could set up a direct debit to help you manage this - think of it as paying a bill and put it to the back of your mind.

Cut your bills

Could you save money on your monthly bills? A ‘money makeover’ could be just what you need! Start by doing comparisons to see if you could be paying less for things like your home insurance, TV and broadband and even your energy bills. Even saving a couple of £s here and there will make a big difference over the course of the year.

Switch to a different car

Switching to a different car is an easy way to free up money in your budget. A different car can provide you with excellent savings compared to your current car, and Looking 4 Car Finance could help you get a great deal. A lower monthly payment will ease your finances, allowing you to put the difference into your savings.

Use a smart money app

Want an easy way to save more money? Try a smart budgeting app to help you get there. These intelligent apps will analyse your spending and make it easier for you to save more every month. Many will round up your spare change too, helping you save money by the end of the month without you even noticing it has gone.

Try some ‘no spend days’

A ‘no spend’ day could be an easy way to grow your savings. Work out what you’d normally spend each day on things like coffees, snacks, travel and your lunch. By changing things up for a day and leaving your purse at home, you can put what you would have spent aside to put into your savings instead.

Save money when you shop

There’s always a deal to be found online, which makes it easier to save money wherever you shop. From using discount codes to delivery subscriptions, you could end up never paying full price again! It is possible to buy new things when your budget is tight, you just need to get clever with your spending.

Even if your finances feel messy now, making some simple changes will help you regain control and start saving. Write down some savings goals and motivate yourself to save more so that you can enjoy a brighter, more responsible future. 

*Contributed by Sam Jones. *Photo Image Credit: Unsplash under Creative Commons

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