Could Ladder Advisors Help You During A Time Of Financial Crisis?*

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During these absolutely unprecedented times as we live under lockdown conditions, and with stricter restrictions looking a distinct possibility; the repercussions of this Coronavirus have been felt throughout the world in a way quite unlike any other pandemic which has gone before it.

It has certainly been a wake up call to many I feel, and from what I can gather from people I've spoken to, it really does put things into perspective, in terms of what is really important in life; family and loved ones, and being kind to our fellow man or woman. With the threat of this virus being so great the knock on effect to the global economy has also been huge. 

Many people have already lost their jobs, many people find themselves considering bankruptcy, and many businesses have already gone into liquidation. It is tremendously sad in all kinds of ways. People who have worked hard their entire lives find themselves not only up against the threat of this virus; but also facing financial pressures they could not have foreseen.

Prior to this pandemic a large swathe of the US populace was already struggling financially, trying with all their might to pay their credit card bills. The global economy is in the midst of a severe downturn and so to add to worries of health, this is also a hugely stressful situation for millions of people who are now struggling to even fathom how they are going to pay off their bills, let alone their debts.

Ladder Advisors Might Be Able To Help

For those who find themselves struggling more than ever to try and get a grip on their credit card debt at this particularly gruelling time you might like to check out Ladder Advisors. These guys are a company which really puts the owness on the client's requirements. It's a company which specialize in helping ordinary people alleviate financial stress, in some small way at least. Their whole ethos is based around the maxim; '"prioritizing what clients need by offering a single monthly payment with low interest rates".

If this sounds like an issue you might be faced with, check out their website, take down their number and give them a call. Even if only one person calls and is merely given some information that might help them in any small way at this time, then it's worth mentioning.

Uncertain Times As We Look Ahead

There is obviously a lot of uncertainty at the moment about the future. How long will these lockdown measures last, who knows? Some of the various experts seem to think that we are looking at approximately a 6 month lock down period such as in the UK, where they are going to review their situation every three weeks. We shall see what happens in the US, but some of the proposed measures are drastic of course to reflect the severity of the spread of the virus, particularly in New York.

Mayor Bill de Blasio said "This is battlefield medicine", as he urged President Trump to, "get us the support we need right now"; the death toll in NY has now surpassed 1000 and the US now has more deaths than China. Experts are predicting as many as 200 thousand US citizens may die.

It's all quite surreal and the infringement on everyday life has made the vast majority of us realise just how much we take our freedom and everything else totally for granted.

*Contributed by Michael David *Photo source Pexels

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