How To Help Yourself Live Longer*

*This is a collaborative post* 

Everyone wants to give themselves an opportunity to live longer, and as it shows at USC, people are certainly living longer than usual. So how can we help ourselves live longer?

Keep Yourself Fit
Keeping fit is one of the main ways you’re going to live longer because you’re looking after your health and making sure the body is getting enough daily exercise in order to continue it’s bodily functions. Your organs are precious, and therefore, it’s good to do everything to help keep them young and healthy. Find an exercise or fitness class that you’ll enjoy. There’s no point in doing exercise that you don’t like because you won’t be able to maintain it. 

Look After Your Mental Health
As much as your physical fitness is important, so too is your mental health. There’s certainly been a lot more conversation about mental health and how it impacts your general wellbeing overall. We don’t talk about mental health enough though, and many can suffer in silence, which is never any good. Speak to friends and family about how you’re feeling and never let those feelings take over your happiness or impact your health as it so easily does to many people.

Cut Out Smoking And Drinking
The two bad habits for your body is smoking and drinking. Both are effectively poisons, and over time, it can certainly have a dramatic impact on your body. As they’re both an addictive substance, it’s something that’s not easily something that you can cut out. So you can start by cutting back and try to avoid the triggers that make you smoke or drink alcohol. Whether that’s being around certain people or in a particular environment. Try to find healthier alternatives that can help you avoid both these things. 

Take Daily Multivitamins
We get the vitamins and nutrients that our body needs from things we eat but not all of us have the same palette, and we all live in different environments. So getting more vitamins into your body is something you can do with daily vitamins. This could be iron tablets or cod liver oil and can make a huge difference in the way you feel overall. Always consult your doctor or nutritionist when it comes to taking tablets because you don’t want to put your body in a position where it’s taking too many vitamins. 

Keep Up With Healthcare Appointments
We can all get busy, and the first thing that’s impacted by that is our health and going for regular checkups. It’s good to keep a priority on doctors appointments, dental care, and other relevant appointments like eye care. Whenever you get a reminder for an appointment, prioritize it in your diary so that you don’t forget. Never be afraid to get in touch with any of the above if you don’t feel right or something feels wrong. 

With these tips, you’ll be able to live a much longer and healthier life, which is what we all really want, right? 

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