What Can I do About Stained Teeth?*

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​For most people tooth hygiene and care is right at the top of their priorities, it's pretty much the first thing we do in the morning, and when we 'remember' the last thing we do at night. But as we get older the likelihood that stains will set in is just an unavoidable part of life.

The fact is with so many products on available on the market, it can be difficult to know which are the good from the bad. Often you can find yourself forking out a small fortune and seeing little to no positive result, and of course this doesn't just refer to cosmetic whitening of teeth. It refers to the whole of the cosmetic industry too.

Before Application of first Teeth Whitening Strips

Fortunately I have a little bit of a head start as my partner is a dental nurse and so she gave me some pointers. I have been fairly impressed with the results so far, especially as I must drink a few gallons of tea per day. Now it is easy for the rich and famous to jet abroad to the States or to have some Harley Street wizard sort out their gnashers, but what about for the rest of us. 

Other than a 'clean and polish' every 6 months at the dentist and a good scrub with a toothbrush, for most people that is the extent to which they 'whiten' their teeth. We always hear about the newest latest and greatest in whitening formulas used in toothpastes, but does anyone ever see any kind of real effects to using them after a fortnight or so?

Just looks as if you are wearing a gumshield, but much less irritating.

In search for a slightly brighter smile ( I don't wish to go to bright like some celebs I could mention) I decided to give some whitening strips a go which I found at Pro Teeth Whitening Co. on Amazon. They were really affordable and so I thought why not give it a try. I have only being doing them for 5 days so far but I believe they are starting to show some improvement already. I have a fourteen day pack, and shall upload a photograph at the end of the fortnight as well as one here with the progress made so far (below). Excuse the cheesy grin.

After 6 days i think there is already a definite improvement, both photos taken in the same lighting conditions etc.

Definitely worth a try I'd say, and they are really simple to use and you just wear the strips for half an hour before peeling off and then brushing your teeth. It's a much more economically viable option for anyone out there looking to improve there smile a touch. Also these teeth whitening strips with activated charcoal will not harm the enamel on your teeth which is a huge selling point for me personally.

The ones I used can be found on special offer at the moment on Amazon.

As little as I know about dental care, I do know that once enamel goes it doesn't grow back, (or at least I think I know that?). This is important as corrosion of enamel is something I'm trying to limit (by cutting down on sugary products and eliminating fruit juices from my diet.

So many dental care products actually damage the health of the tooth in the long run, but for the sake of a quick solution people do not look for the genuinely harmless products. Therefore it just seemed like a good idea to try this one.

If you fancy giving these whitening strips a whirl then be sure to use this Amazon discount code for 10% off! Discount code: WHITENING

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