Give Your Home A New Lease Of Life*

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Perhaps you're someone who loves a new project or maybe your home is just in need of some serious TLC, whatever the reason, if you're looking to give your home a new lease of life then there are some home improvement ideas to consider! 

Make The Switch From Carpet To Wooden Flooring

Although carpets can look fantastic, especially if they're of the plush and luxurious variety, they can also prove to be high maintenance. Not only do they require a lot of cleaning and upkeep, but they can also look worn in places after a certain period of time. If you're an allergy sufferer then they can also be problematic. 
Wooden flooring on the other hand, still looks great yet tends to be much lower maintenance. Wooden floors are generally much easier to keep clean and in terms of aesthetics, if you're looking to give your home a fresher more modern vibe, then Engineered Wood Flooring could definitely be the way to go. This type of flooring is an incredibly durable option which can adapt to changes in heat and moisture, thus preventing permanent warping. All positives if you ask me! 

Add A Conservatory

Adding a conservatory to your property can potentially increase its value, they also look great. I personally love ours. Not only is it a relaxing room that allows in plenty of light but it also doubles up as our dining area. Before our extension the kitchen was pretty small and cramped. Having the conservatory built meant all of a sudden there was plenty more space for us at meal times and on a plus it added value to the house. We were lucky in that my dad built ours from scratch although these days there are DIY conservatory kits available. If you're not keen on this idea then be sure to shop around to get a good deal before you part with any cash. 

Look To The Internet For Inspiration

The net is ram packed full of home improvement ideas for every budget so if you're stuck for inspiration then the internet should be your first stop. Look to Pinterest, Instagram or home and living websites for suggestions and tips. 

Choose A Theme

One way to really change up your home is to choose a theme and have it running throughout such as shabby chic, modern luxury, vintage, or even Disney! One of my friends has lots of Disney themed decor and it looks amazing. Teamed with vintage style ornaments and quirky furniture, it makes visiting quite the magical experience!

*Header image source Pexels. Second image taken from the Flooring365 website.Conservatory image source Pixabay. Instagram photo source Pexels. Flamingo photo source Pexels.

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