Ideas To Make Your Party Instagrammable*

*This is a collaborative post*

If you’re planning a party this year and you want it to be a little different, then you’re going to have to think outside the box. Watching people’s parties on TV make you see all the things you can do these days, themed parties, costumes, props, etc. and the standard of parties has increased and thanks to Instagram everyone knows about it. So, if you’re planning a party now, then you need to up your game and make sure it gets all over social media, and here’s how:

Serve Your Drinks Differently

Do away with the boring glasses and plastic cups and think how else you can serve your drinks. Try old soup cans to serve cocktails in fruit such as pineapples, melons or coconuts. Not only will your drinks taste amazing, but people won’t be able to help themselves snapping and posting online. 

Play Games

It’s always good to have things for people to do at parties, just as a back up in case there’s a lull as people are arriving and getting to know each other or games act as a great way of bonding as well, or simply for friends to have fun and of course take photos of. You can get huge garden games now quite cheap, and of course, you don’t have to be having a garden party to use them, what’s wrong with a giant Jenga in your kitchen?

Go With A Theme

You could go with a costume party as you’re guaranteed to get some great characters turning up and great photo opportunities. However, if you don’t want to go full-on costume party, then a theme will have the same effect. You could do a masquerade ball type party - although not as fancy, just ask everyone to wear masks. Or it could be a Haiwain theme which is always easy enough with flowery shirts and coconut bikinis, or just get everyone to wear one color? The ideas are endless.

Think Your Venue Through

When coming up with the venue, why not go for something really different? There's various ideas out there if you get looking. Perhaps you fancy a party at the zoo, on a barge, in a museum or even on a party bus. If you put your imagination to good use you could come up with something really unique! 
Don't forget if you're booking a party for the festive season to pre-book your venue in advance before everywhere gets booked up. There's many fantastic Christmas party venues London on offer such as the Absolute Pleasure Yacht based at Canary Wharf.

Get Some Props

Have you seen how many people are Instagramming with props now? It’s so easy and simple to do and to get them even more excited, have a look at this website, and get a photo booth for the party. 

Create A Party Hashtag

What better way to get everyone posting about your party than having everyone having a hashtag to include in their post? You’ll have to get creative with your name though as well, think of something fun and quirky that will get everyone talking.

Always Have Balloons

Balloons are such an easy decoration, and they are soooo instagrammable. Get some of the letter balloons and either spell out your party hashtag or get as many letters as you can so your party guests can create their own words to have photos with. Confetti balloons are another idea which can be a lot of fun, just not as much fun to clear up the next day. However, they do make for fab photos and slow-mo videos when you pop them over someone’s head.

*Contributed by Sam Jones, Photo source Pexels.

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