A Nice Smile Can Help Boost Your Self-Confidence*

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I've worked in dentistry for quite some time now, seventeen years in fact, so it's safe to say I've seen my fair share of smile makeovers. Indeed a great smile can transform your face not to mention, also give you a confidence boost. I've met many people who sadly have felt the need to hide behind their hand when they talk, others refuse to show teeth when smiling for family photographs. In some cases people have become reluctant to leave the house due to feeling so self conscious about their smile. Why not book a free dental consultation.

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The Importance Of Smiling

Feeling like you cannot allow yourself to just spontaneously smile or erupt into open mouthed laughter when the mood takes you can be a real psychological burden for anyone who feels conscious about their teeth. I have witnessed first hand the amazing confidence boost in people of all ages having undergone cosmetic dentistry work from the basic and routine to the more intensive and intrusive. Smiling is such an important feature of our non-verbal communication, and in fact a 2010 study published in Psychological Science found that smiling can actual lower your heart rate during stressful tasks. Stress usually causes increased heart-rate and higher blood pressure so maintaining a smile while carrying out stressful tasks or chores can actually have psychological and physical health benefits. 

Like it or loathe it, we live in an appearance driven society and a good smile is an indication of health, youth and vitality. The ways in which cosmetic dentistry can be used to improve your smile and your overall confidence is through treatments like veneers, braces and bonding among other more intensive methods for those with more serious dental needs. What type of treatment you will require will depend on the current condition of your teeth, but it is important to note that with cosmetic surgery the smile of your dreams is achievable. Knowing that you look your best will see your self confidence soar and you will no longer be tempted to hide your smile due to formerly perceived imperfections.

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If you currently feel nervous about your teeth then you should know that once you do have a smile you are happy with, you will feel so much less anxious about smiling and therefore you will be able to relax much more naturally. Cosmetic dentistry can literally transform yourself, and it can go a long way to making people feel so much more comfortable in your daily life, from the workplace, to your friends, everyone will notice the difference! Most of all you, no longer will you feel the need to purse your lips when the selfies start, nor will you have to interrupt your fits of free laughter with the hastily screamed mental note to, 'Close Your Mouth! Quick!'. 

Benefits Of Being Able To Smile

As well as benefits to your home and social life there can also be career benefits once you have regained your confidence. Whether you happen to be interviewing for a new job or meeting new clients or one's bosses, being able to confidently and naturally smile in a friendly manner can help you to make key career related connections. In turn you will actually be perceived as being more motivated, loyal, trustworthy and dedicated just because of an easy smile. When you are embarrassed by your dental issues you tend to avoid smiling as mentioned or you might compensate by offering a tight grin which can run the risk of coming across as insincere, or just plain miserable. 

As you become freer with your smile, your employer and clients will naturally respond in kind. This can further improve your self esteem.Sometimes a flawed smile is the result of a birth defect or a traumatic experience. In this case, cosmetic dentistry can be a vital part of healing. Taking charge of your smile puts you in control, helping you to move past the issues that caused the flaws. Cosmetic dentistry can boost your self confidence in many ways. 

Regardless of what caused the imperfections in your smile, you can change your story now!

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