Vertical Jigging - What Fishing Line to Use

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Ask any serious angler and he’ll tell you there are many different fishing techniques that can be used, depending on the species of fish you are trying to catch. Vertical jigging is a fishing technique that is used to catch predatory fish, such as bass and amberjack, when they are deep in the water. This technique involves “jigging”, which is an up and down movement of the rod that makes the lure jig up and down, mimicking a real fish.

Vertical Jigging Techniques

While every angler will have their own special technique, vertical jigging is best done with the rod butt held under the armpit and when the lure and weight is dropped down to the required depth, you begin to raise the rod tip, winding half a turn with the reel while doing that. The ideal distance between the top and bottom of the rod swing is about one metre and when the rod is lifted, wind in the line half a turn, then also wind in half a turn when lowering the rod. This up and down motion combined with the line retrieval, causes the lure to move in a way that attracts the predatory fish, hence the term “jigging”. If you’re looking for the right rod for vertical jigging, Fish Head offers FCL Labo Fishing Rods at very reasonable prices and they also stock a wide range of essential accessories such as line, lures and hooks.

The Best Line for Vertical Jigging

The general consensus on the best fishing line for jigging is braided line, which is a little more sensitive than monofilament line and anything from 50-80lb breaking strain should be more than ample. Some fishermen swear by mono line whatever the style of fishing, so perhaps the best advice is to try both and see which you prefer. The experts will usually side with braided line, as it is slightly thinner than mono line, which allows you to pack more on your reel, while it is important to have the line tightly wound onto the spool, otherwise it might dig in when you hook a big fish.

It’s All in the Technique

Vertical jigging, like most other forms of fishing, is all about technique and trial and error is the best way to approach this type of fishing. If it works for you, then it works for you and most anglers will try different approaches until they find what works best for them.

The Right Breaking Strain Line

This very much depends on the species of fish you are trying to catch and could be anything from 10-100lbs. Using a heavy breaking strain line for smaller fish is unsuitable and remember that the more breaking strain, the thicker the line. The more experienced anglers will purchase 3 or even 4 spare spools for their reel and would have a different type of line on each, which does allow you to switch at a moment’s notice.

Whatever you decide, vertical jigging is a very effective way to present a lure and many anglers use this technique when fishing deep.

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