Throwback To The Time When I Was In A Car Accident

If you've never been in a car accident then thank yourself lucky because I've been involved in two. The first time was when I'd only been driving for a few months. The driver in the other car had ignored the give way sign and had run straight into the side of me. Immediately afterwards I rang my mum, crying down the phone to her that I was never going to get behind the wheel of a car again. (Ever the drama queen.) I can still recall the horrendous crunching noise as it happened, it made me feel sick to the stomach. The second time - because obviously I did get back behind the wheel, - was on a busy main road and someone ran headlong into the back of me. This time was slightly different as I kind of saw it play out before it even happened. There was a build up of traffic which had slowed almost to a stop in front of me and as I glanced in my rear view mirror I could see a car coming up fast behind me. I knew there was no way it would stop given the time and distance so I kind of just braced myself for the impact. I can remember straight afterwards just thinking 'not again!!' However, because I'd been through it once before I'd say I was altogether calmer about the situation and a little bit more practiced at what I needed to do. Granted I did still ring my mum to have a good whinge and I had hurt my neck. The driver of the other car this time was a young twenty something who hadn't long since passed her test and she was so apologetic. I actually felt sorry for her, and of course my poor car. However, as nice as it was that she said sorry, the advice apparently is to not apologise or admit fault as it can affect your liability later on down the line. On this occasion I was actually advised to get checked out at hospital so reluctantly I made my way to A&E. To cut a long story short, they said I had a mild case of whiplash for which I was given painkillers and that was that. 

I didn't make a claim on this occasion although I've since been told I could have put in for one. Should you be involved in a car accident then you may be able to look at making a personal injury claim yourself. Obviously whether you can or not will be dependent on what actually happened and other associated details. It's advised that you seek professional legal advice so you know where you stand.

Unfortunately car accidents and such like do happen in life, it's just the way things go, but at least if you're prepared then there needn't be any reason to panic. The AA have an excellent guide on hand if you're not sure what to do after a car accident and I definitely recommend giving it a read through. In the meantime, drive safely people! :) 

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