Cost-Effective Call Handling for a Spa Busines*

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There is currently a boom in the health & well-being industry, with many day spas opening in urban locations to meet the rising demand for a range of health-related services, and if ever a business needed professional call handling, this would be it. The primary method for customers booking sessions would be by telephone and the receptionist usually has her hands full and cannot always be there to man the phones, which is why many such businesses use the services of a virtual receptionist provider.

Making Appointments

The main role for a spa receptionist is to make appointments over the phone and this is something that a virtual receptionist can easily handle. By using a cloud-based appointment calendar, both the regular receptionist and the virtual partner can make bookings. All virtual receptionists are fully briefed on their clients' businesses and would be able to tell a caller about the range of services offered and then make an appointment, and while the regular receptionist is busy with clients, she doesn’t have to worry about answering the telephone.

Cloud-Based Calendars

By having your booking system online, this allows the virtual receptionist to instantly update schedules as it is not location-based and any authorised person can make bookings, no matter their location. Reception HQ is a USA based virtual receptionist who has the resources and knowledge on how to provide a professional telephone answering service for their many clients. They offer a range of packages that cover every aspect of business communication.

Scripted Greeting

You, the client, get to write your very own greeting script and if you would prefer a local accent, the virtual receptionist provider has you covered. This allows you to keep your call answering personalised and anytime you wish to update with a new promotion or an additional menu item, all it takes is a simple call. Using virtual reception services is both a cost-effective and professional way to receive your incoming phone calls and for a spa business, telephone etiquette is an absolute must. There are guides available online on how to correctly receive a business call, which outlines several basic techniques we can all benefit from.

Focus on Customer Care

The main task for day spa staff is to ensure that the customers are provided for and with a busy schedule, there are never enough hours in the day, but if you have a virtual receptionist manning the phones, the spa staff can focus on customer care, without having to worry about answering the telephone. When you answer the telephone, your mood comes through and for many people, this puts out the wrong message and that could lead to lost business - which is yet another reason to use a professional call answering service.

If your business calls are always handled in a courteous and professional manner, your business image will be a positive one and your key staff can also focus on customer care - something that is essential in the spa and well-being industry.

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