Summer Formal Style Tips*

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When most of us think of the style of clothes we’ll wear in the summer, we think of outfits like above! This kind of outfit is perfect for summer; it’s loose, comfortable, and casual— perfect for those hot summer days.

Unfortunately, many of us find ourselves having to spend much of our summer dressed in far more formal clothes, attending events where the kind of casual outfit above would simply be unacceptable.

By far the most common reason for the need for formal wear during the summer months is weddings, though you may also be invited to parties or benefits that require the same you may also receive general party or benefit invitations, all of which require you to abandon your comfortable summer clothes in favor of formal wear instead.

The problem with formal wear in summer

No matter how much you enjoy getting ‘dressed up’, there’s no denying that the hottest months of the year can make it less fun. In summer, formal wear feels heavy, uncomfortable, and incredibly restrictive; high heels will chafe and carefully-constructed hairstyles will wilt in the heat. As a result, you may find yourself struggling to find your usual enthusiasm for formal dressing.

Thankfully, help is at hand. If you have a summer event on the horizon that demands formal wear, here’s what you need to know about your outfit choice…

#1 - Make sure your clothes fit correctly

Ill-fitting clothes are always a nightmare no matter the season, but they are particularly ruinous for summer events. If clothes are too loose, they will rub and chafe against your skin. If they’re too tight, then you’ll feel constricted and more likely to sweat. It’s vital that you find clothes that fit you as well as possible, so whether that means opting for a cocktail dress from the petite section or plus size wedding outfits to ensure maximum comfort, take the time to find a garment that works for you.

#2 - Solve the shoe problem

If you’re going to be on your feet all day during an event, there’s every chance your feet may swell slightly in the heat. Wearing shoes that are a size larger than you would normally take can help to compensate for this.

If you’re concerned that the shoes will be uncomfortable if your feet don’t swell, then start the day with a pair of heel grippers. Then, if your feet do swell, you can remove the grippers and continue on as normal. If there’s no swelling to be seen, your shoes will fit you well thanks to the presence of the grippers.

#3 - Choose the right headwear for the occasion

Headwear is an important element of formal wear, but can be difficult during for summer events. It’s therefore best to tailor your choice of headwear to the type of event you are attending.

For outdoor summer events, you’ll be more comfortable if you choose to wear a hat. Doing so will keep your head protected from the sun, as well as helping to shade your eyes during the event.

Alternatively, if the event you’re attending will predominantly be held inside, you will likely be more comfortable with a fascinator.

In conclusion

Formal wear in summer is never simple, but the tips above should help you preserve your sense of style and ensure you feel comfortable and confident in the heat. Good luck!

*Image Source Pexels

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