3 Goals For Summer 2018*

*This is a collaborative post*

Ha who am I kidding?! There is no way I'll be able to achieve all these goals by the end of summer but that doesn't mean I'm not going to try!

If you've followed me since the beginning then you'll no doubt know that I can't swim, I can't ride a bike and I've never been abroad. The truth is, I'm really fearful of swimming. I tried to learn when I was about ten years old but it just didn't come naturally to me. In fact I absolutely hated it. The smell of the swimming baths, the sound, the feeling of being out of control. It wasn't as if I even had a bad experience as such, I just never took to it. Over the last several years I've started to feel panicky if I'm ever walking near the waters edge be it a river, lake or other. I guess I'm now acutely aware that if I fell in I wouldn't stand a chance. My eight year old nephew Isaac even puts me to shame. He's literally just completed his one thousand metres and is often encouraging me to take up lessons. Apparently he says 'it's easy!' Bless him, he's even offered to teach me! I don't doubt that it's probably going to take a miracle but I do finally want to get over my fear of water and I'm planning on having swimming lessons. Watch this space! (I guess I better buy a swimming costume!)

My second goal is altogether less scary! I've never had a bike and although they say you don't miss what you've never had, I am a little excited at the prospect of owning a bike and being able to ride it. My boyfriend has even offered to teach me, not sure that he knows what he's getting himself into - ha ha - but it'll be a laugh no doubt. Obviously if I'm going to learn how to ride a bike, I'm going to need one! As it's not something I've ever shopped for before, I'll be browsing the internet for the best deals, discount bikes and of course the best reviews. 

Lastly, I've said this several times over but I'm finally going to sort my passport. My boyfriend and I would like to go away this summer. Can you believe it? Me... On an actual holiday abroad. Me going on a plane! No, I can't quite believe it yet either ha ha so we'll see. In all honesty I'm still hugely terrified of getting on a plane but I've got my boyfriend encouraging me this time around so I might actually make progress. Besides, perhaps someone could sedate me or knock me out... Pass the wine please!

Do you have any goals for this summer? Whatever they are, I hope you achieve them. I'll update you on my progress as and when I make any! :)

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  1. Amazing! Congratulations on setting yourself these goals! I know you'll love going abroad :)
    Debs @ https://tiger-mint.com


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