Gift Ideas For Dad From The Kids*

*This is a collaborative post*

Is Dad’s birthday coming up in the next few weeks or months? If so and if you have young children, you might be trying to think of what you can buy for their Dad which will be from them. There are so many different gifts that you can buy for Dads and what you choose will all depend on their loves and hobbies. Here are some simple ideas to give you some inspiration and get you started.

A tie

If you are really struggling with ideas to get for Dad this year, you can start simple and go for something you know that he can wear every day for work. If he works in an office, you can visit a site such as John Henric and take a look at the ties they have on offer. You can either choose something plain and simple, or go for something a little more fun to reflect the fact it is a gift from the kids. You can get them to choose one if you like and this can be even more funny when he opens it on the day!

A day out

If you don’t know what you can physically buy your man from the kids, you can always decide to go out somewhere for the day as a family instead. You could visit a theme park together, take a trip to the museum, or whatever else your partner will love to do with the kids for the day. Make sure to bring snacks and bring a card with you from the kids which he can open when you get there.

A meal cooked by the kids

If you trust your children in the kitchen even just a little bit, you can have some fun on the day of his birthday and let them choose a meal that they want to cook for him. You will of course be in there to supervise, but you can give your kids a little bit of freedom to play around with food and come up with great ideas. You can stay on hand to make sure that the meal is edible and it can be a cute gesture from the kids to their Dad.

Something unique

If you want to have a little bit of fun with the kids one afternoon while their dad is out shopping or at the pub, you can lay out all of your arts and crafts supplies and spend the afternoon watching your kids make something for their dad. It could be a painting, a clay cup holder, a sculpture or pretty much anything else. It can be fun watching them concentrating on their projects and when their Dad opens it up on his birthday you can tell him that they had no help at all making the gifts.

A keepsake

For a special birthday, you can always go out to get something which he can keep forever. It could be a pair of cufflinks, a ring, or a jewellery box which says best Dad on the lid. Anything like this is incredibly thoughtful and it will be something he can treasure for years to come.

*Contributed by Sam Jones. Header image via Pixabay

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