Keep Your Outdoor Space Welcoming, Whatever The Weather*

*This is a collaborative post*

If you’ve spent the time and money adding a patio or decking to the garden, and decorating it with gorgeous outdoor furniture, you'll want to make sure it gets some use. However, from outside interference to bad weather, your social gatherings could be spoiled pretty quickly if you’re not careful. In this post we’re going to look at how you can keep the peace in your garden so you, your friends and family can get more use out of it.


Everyone who has tried to host a party outdoors will be aware that a little chill can suddenly make things much more uncomfortable. Rather than calling it an early night however, a fire pit can help serve not just to add a little heat, but also gives a warm glow and a sense of comfort and security that can make those outside gatherings feel even more special. It can even make for the perfect way to roast some marshmallows on a lingering summer night.

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Naturally, you’re not going to be having a great evening out in the garden if you’re not able to see your guests or where you’re putting your feet. Some choose to use large patio doors that can help light up the area from the indoors, but you can create a much more peaceful ambiance by using outdoor lights instead. Choosing the right fixtures can even add a touch more personality to the space. Make sure that there’s a little lighting for paths through the garden, especially if they lead to the gate. You don’t need anyone tripping on your watch.

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Spending time out in the elements can get to be a little uncomfortable even if you have all the heat and light you need. In particular, you should think about exposure to the sun, particularly on really sunny days. Much of this can be avoided by ensuring that you know how sunlight is distributed through the garden and choosing a spot with a little shade. When that’s not an option, however, installing an awning can be just as effective. Besides the sun, it can even keep you and your guests safe from a little rain.

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It’s not quite as weather-related as the other concerns, but you and your guests will have trouble feeling comfortable if just about anyone can see into your party or overhear your conversations. When adding some privacy to the garden, make sure that you’re taking sound into consideration just as much as you’re blocking nosy neighbours from snooping in. For instance, adding a green wall to your fence serves not only to further block out peering eyes, but it serves as a method of sound insulation. People will be less likely to hear what you’re saying and you’re also getting a little protection from noise pollution from the outside.
Don’t let your social gatherings be spoiled by a little cold or by eyes peeping in on your fun. Follow the tips above and you can relax without worry in your wonderful outdoor living space.

*Contributed by Sam Jones. Header image via Pixabay.

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