Buying The Right Formal Footwear For A Summer Wedding*

There is nothing quite like a summer wedding for lifting your spirits. They give the perfect opportunity to spoil yourself a bit and really dress up. Stores like JD Williams make it really easy for you and the rest of the family to get your hands on the perfect outfit.
Whether you are young or old, male or female, these modern department store style retailers sell everything you need. That includes great looking and comfortable footwear for practically any occasion. All you have to do is to make the right selection. To help you to do that here are a few things you need to bear in mind when buying your wedding footwear.

Getting The Look Right

Top of the list has to be making sure that the shoes or sandals you choose complement your outfit. Usually, it is best to buy your suit or dress first, and then go shopping for shoes, boots or sandals. The style of footwear you choose should fit in with the style or theme of the wedding you are attending.
If possible, take your outfit with you when you go shopping. That way you can try your shoes or sandals on with your skirt or dress to see if they are a good match. If you opt to buy your formal footwear online, be sure to try everything on together when they arrive. That way, if they do not fit or do not look right with your outfit you will have allowed yourself plenty of time to return them and get a new pair of shoes. Aim to have bought everything you need about a month before the wedding.

Wear Your Wedding Shoes In

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Trying your shoes on well before the wedding also gives you the chance to wear them in a bit. Wearing them around the house for a couple of days is the best way to do this. There is less chance of them getting scuffed than if you were to wear them outside.
This will help you to determine whether you need to exchange your shoes or buy inserts to make them more comfortable to wear. It will also stretch them out a little. Remember to wear them all day long. Feet tend to swell slightly as the day wears on. So, a pair of shoes that fit perfectly in the morning can feel excruciatingly tight by the evening.

Other Practical Considerations

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The footwear you choose needs to be practical as well as look good. Your legs may look fantastic in stiletto heels, but it would not be wise to wear them to a garden wedding reception. Having to walk around on tiptoes so you do not sink into the grass is exhausting and it is impossible to look elegant while walking like this.

More Advice About Dressing For Formal Occasions

If you have enjoyed this article and would like some more general tips about dressing for a warm weather formal occasion, just click here. The article you will be taken to is all about choosing the right summer outfit for such an occasion.

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