A Guide to Rugby Uniform & Equipment

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Rugby is perhaps the toughest of all full contact sports, yet the players wear minimal protection when compared to American football or ice hockey. The game has a well-earned reputation for being extremely physical, with players regularly being injured and with that in mind, here is a rundown of the correct clothing and equipment every rugby player should wear prior to walking onto the field of play.

  • Rugby Jersey – This item of clothing must be extremely tough and durable to resist the fierce tugging and pulling that occurs during a game. There are, of course, many different team designs and if you would like to create your own team colours, there are online suppliers with a trusty rugby kit designer form that allows you to design your own kit. The best material for a rugby shirt is a combination of cotton and lightweight polyester and the shirt would ideally be tight fitting, which helps prevent shirt tugging.
  • Rugby Shorts – These are traditionally made from strong cotton and polyester and like the shirts, they must endure some heavy punishment. The shorts have reinforced stitching and forward players are often hoisted into the air by their shorts in a line out, so the stitching must be very strong. There is an informative article that examines the various kititems a rugby player would wear which you can refer to.
  • Rugby Socks – Like all team sports, the players wear knee length socks, yet this item of kit has very little practical use and they are worn in a traditional sense. Typically made from cotton, rugby socks are very long and often, the top section is folded over, offering some leg protection for the players. If you are thinking of starting your very own team, there are online suppliers of all things rugby and with state of the art customisation forms, you can easily design your own kit.
  • Rugby Boots – Most players wear boots that they prefer and this is the only kit item that can be different. There are many famous brands of rugby boots and each player would have his own preferences regarding footwear. All rugby boots have studs to give extra grip on the turf and while in former times, the boots would cover the ankles, fast players prefer boots that allow free ankle movement, although they offer less protection.
  • Mouth Guard – This is an essential addition to any rugby player’s attire and it is designed to protect the player’s teeth and gums. The modern mouth guard can be inserted into hot water and then placed in the mouth and it will form to the shape of the teeth and gums, providing complete protection.

Despite the obvious physical dangers, rugby is a very popular sport and there are online suppliers of everything you need to play this very demanding game.


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