Mum Life - A Guide To Keeping Sane By Jenny Slack

How incredible is it to be a parent? The role can best be described as a curious mix of life-affirming, joyful, tiring, heartening, maddening, gratifying and, in short, pretty darn all-consuming. We adore our children. Their very existence enables us to experience a unique kind of love that we never even knew we were capable of feeling.

But, blimey - it truly is a relentless duty. The newborn stage alarmingly so, when you find yourself hastily thrust into the deep end of motherhood, rescued only by brief periodical windows of respite when the little one drops off to sleep. The decision of how to use this limited time most wisely is paramount - Do I give in to the ever-present temptation to sleep? Do I have my lunch, being that I have no idea when I last ate? Do I deal with the laundry pile (a.k.a. Everest), in light of the fact that today I am down to the last of my clean tops? Speaking of the pursuit of fresh clothing, perhaps you too know precisely how it feels to unwittingly transition from being someone who formerly took some semblance of pride in being well dressed, to a bedraggled soul who doesn’t think twice before pulling on yesterday’s sick-splattered jeans. The endeavour to always put the best version of one’s self out there becomes less of a focus and is replaced instead by something essentially more primal. Put simply; survival.

The peaceful haven that the home once served as has been substituted for the main setting in which the story of your parenthood plays out, looking increasingly like a bomb site as time progresses as opposed to a place capable of acting as any kind of sanctuary. Unavoidably, all manner of dubious substances make constant contact with our household possessions, and keeping the home clean and hygienic becomes an ever more difficult task. But, what’s the prime furnishing that suffers? The answer is indisputable: The flooring. Which so happens to be the most fundamental item of all furnishings, right?

Maybe you have already altered features of your home to suit the practicalities of having children. Ripping up the carpet and replacing it with hard flooring is an instinctive move for some, and one that’s often contrary to what many would actually choose for their abode otherwise. What would be your preference? Would you opt for the warmer, more comfortable option of a plush carpet if you knew that it was able to cope with the wear and tear unleashed upon it by our riotous children?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to have it all; kids and their ensuing chaos coupled with a well-maintained house and quality furnishings in which to dress it. Well, I just might have the answer for you, as far as your flooring is concerned, at least. A way you can keep the carpet, keep the child and keep your cool when that cup of milk is hurled across your timeless rug and suite. At the end of the day, when devoting all your efforts to the mammoth task of parenthood, I’d say you deserve to be able to have nice things of lasting quality. Afford yourself this luxury whilst keeping up with life’s daily balancing act. Allow me to tell you how…

Better Protect is the new best friend for clean-home enthusiasts up and down the country. Upon a simple spritz or two, its job is to:

        Build an invisible, resilient layer on the surface of soft furnishings, forming a barrier against dirt and stains
        Act quickly (an essential trait - it’s never very long before a small person or four-legged friend is at war with our carpets and sofas)
        Rescue your soft furnishings from rapid wear and potentially permanent damage from staining

I’ll let you in on a secret. Better Protect is, reputedly, more efficient than anti-stain treatments used by the vast majority of professionals in the carpet care industry. So grab yourself a bottle for the bargain sum of £9.99. Available to buy now from Barton Grange and eBay. Simpy spray it about your home, wherever is applicable, to your heart’s content. And in that once-precarious moment when you notice your child is about to spew some delightful substance over your favourite rug, enjoy the welcome relief that floods over you once you remember that your valuable anti-stain nectar is present and ready to assist.

Looks like your interiors will stand the test of time after all, eh? Just breathe - After all, all is well with your messy little world.

*Post contributed by Jenny Slack

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