4 Things All Brides Should Consider For Their Wedding Day*

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Every bride wants to make their wedding day as special and unique as possible. As you already know, planning a wedding takes up so much of your time and brain power, so it’s likely that smaller details of your wedding might slip your mind for a little while. With larger details such as arranging your catering company, it’s understandable that you’d forget about something as small as your bouquet. Having a unique wedding doesn’t have to mean arranging large over the top things, so take a look at these four things that all brides should consider for their wedding day.

Giving your guests cameras

One thing that every bride and groom wants to do after their wedding is look out for photos captured by guests. It gives you an idea of how much fun everyone had because as you’ve probably been told, your wedding day will go by so fast, and you’ll be unable to speak to everyone all in one go. Why not put a few disposable cameras on each table so that your guests are able to take pictures of your day too. Sometimes the more natural and in the moment pictures are the ones that mean the most.

Planning a surprise for your bridesmaids

While you’re grateful for everyone that’s attending your wedding, it’s likely that your bridesmaids and maid of honour have put a lot of work into making your day as special as possible. Why not plan a nice surprise as a thank you for your bridesmaids to show how grateful you are? Perhaps you could buy them a nice gift from Glitzy secrets to give them on the morning of your wedding day for them to wear? It will mean the world to them and it’s the perfect gesture from a very grateful bride.

Stepping out of tradition

Some brides love the idea of a traditional wedding, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, if you’re really looking to make your wedding unique, consider stepping out of tradition with a few of the details at your wedding. Perhaps you’ll have your furry friend walk down the aisle with you, or maybe you fancy the idea of being married by your best friend. You can become ordained online these days, and it adds a super personal touch to your wedding day! You could even change up who’s going to make a speech at your wedding. So, rather than have just the groom and his best men make a speech, why not have you and your maid of honour make one too?

Think about unique wedding photo ideas

We touched on wedding photos earlier, and if you like the idea of having non traditional wedding photos to look back on, then you should speak to your photographer about some wedding photo alternatives so that they can get a grasp on what you and your groom want for your wedding. Perhaps you could opt for pictures of your hands just after becoming man and wife on top of a newspaper with the date of your wedding day? It’s also a great idea to have some fun pictures taken to use as thank you cards for your guests!

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