Home Improvements - Why You Should Consider Carpet Underlay*

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Many people choose this time of year to begin their home improvement projects and with the evenings remaining lighter for longer, who can blame them? Some of the most common projects seem to be bathroom and kitchen re-modelling, replacement of windows and doors, garden landscaping and gutter repairs. Whilst these are all worthy summer home improvement projects, there are other relatively low cost projects which can make a vast difference to your home. Take carpet underlay for instance. It isn't exactly glamorous or exciting but underlay serves more than one purpose and therefore should not be dismissed. 

Increased Comfort And Lifespan

I can still remember the very first time I stepped onto a carpet that had underlay fitted beneath. We'd never had anything like it in our house growing up so when my feet sank into the soft, plush carpet it was as if I stepped into heaven. I remember asking my mum right there and then if we could have it in our house too. My feet were in love! 

Of course there are people out there who question if carpet underlay is worth the time and money. Well, in a word - or three - yes it is! Not only does carpet underlay provide extra comfort for your feet but it will actually increase the lifespan of your carpet. Underlay behaves much like a shock absorber, reducing daily wear and tear. As an added bonus, because underlay acts as an insulator you'll also be making your home more energy efficient and soundproof. 

Where To Get Your Underlay

There are many places you can buy underlay but why not start with somewhere such as Carpet Underlay Shop, a leading underlay supplier with over twenty five years of experience? With experts on hand to help, you'll find they offer a wide variety of underlay to suit every budget. 

The Carpet Underlay Shop even has it's own blog page which you can read if you pop on over to their website. Who knew that underlay could be such a talking point? You'll find many articles such as the benefits of choosing eco-friendly underlay, how to choose the best underlay for homes with underfloor heating, choosing the right underlay for high traffic areas and also different types of underlay. If you're really stuck then be sure to have a read of their ultimate guide to buying underlay. 

And Afterwards...

Once you've got your underlay sorted you can then look at other small home improvement projects which won't cost the earth. A fresh lick of paint costs next to nothing and yet it can work wonders on walls that are looking a little grubby and tired. If you're a dab hand at wallpapering then why not also add a chic feature wall? You don't have to go OTT, simply look to Pinterest and Instagram for home inspiration. 

Unique pieces of art work along with pretty ornate objects can also bring a touch of magic to any room. I personally like to have any inspiring items or prints on display in my surroundings. If you're on a budget then definitely have a look at websites such as Etsy for some bargain inspirational pieces.

Do you have any home improvements planned for the summer? What are your views on underlay? 

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