Shopping With Grandparents - Tips For A Stress Free Experience*

*In collaboration with Fenetic Wellbeing*

As most of you know - unless you're new to GGD in which case huge hello to you :) - being a granddaughter is a role I always cherished. I honestly don't think a day goes by where I don't think of or mention my nanna to someone. I adored our weekends spent together. Our outings to Booths or Marks & Sparks were precious and I know she thought so too, especially given that she was housebound most of the time. We'd chat about any and everything such as what was going on with me, my blog, my love life, what she'd been up to that week and what was new in Hello magazine. I know something that frustrated her particularly was her lack of independence. If it wasn't for me, my parents or other family members, she'd be cooped up in the house permanently. Even when we did go out she was extremely limited in how far she could walk. 

Give them their independence back

Being independent is something that we probably all take for granted, it's only when our independence is taken away that we realise just how much so. This is why today on GirlGoneDreamer I'm choosing to take part in Fenetic Wellbeing's 'Stress Free Shopping' campaign to highlight the importance of independence and mobility.

Renowned for their hospitality, Fenetic Wellbeing are a Yorkshire based mobility company who provide products such as mobility scooters, wheelchairs, walking aids and household solutions. They pride themselves on their after-sales care and every product sold is tailored to the needs of the individual. Since 2009, one hundred thousand customers have made Fenetic Wellbeing their provider of choice. 

A mobility scooter is an ideal solution for someone who has lost their use of mobility and independence. Portable mobility scooters in particular are perfect for everyday use so they're ideal for enjoying days out or stress free shopping trips. Their small frames make it easier to navigate busy pavements or shopping centres. 

Plan the day, think ahead

If you're planning a shopping trip with a grandparent and are going to make use of a mobility aid such as a scooter then I'd definitely advise you to choose an easily accessible mall or shopping centre and one which has lifts. The reason my nanna used to love M&S was because it was spacious, there was a lift, bathroom facilities and a cafe. Having no bathroom facilities or lifts would be factors that would fill my nanna with unease and anxiety so obviously we'd always avoid any places if they didn't have these. 

Places to consider

Shopping malls such as the Trafford Centre are great. Not only do they have nine lifts dotted around the mall but they also have designated disabled car parking and multiple disabled toilets. Liverpool ONE is another firm favourite. They too have disabled car parking, bathroom facilities, lifts and also ramps allowing easy access to the whole shopping mall. 
If you want to make the most of the warmer weather then there's also plenty of outdoor shopping to enjoy too. My nanna in particular used to love the markets. Many areas have their own markets but be sure to check opening times. Norwich Market is a great choice and happens to be the largest open air market in England with around two hundred stalls. 

Appreciate what you have while you have the chance

If you plan wisely and choose an appropriate place then there's no reason why you and your grandparent can't both enjoy a stress free shopping trip or day out. Above all, enjoy every moment. Believe me when I say that the time you have with your grandparents is precious so appreciate them while you can. 

*All photos via Pexels except for last one which is an image of my nanna   

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