Contact Lenses - Things To Know Before You Trade In Your Glasses*

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Trading your glasses for contact lenses can feel like a daunting but exciting prospect. However, opting for contacts is a big decision and should not be undertaken lightly. They are actually considered a medical device by FDA. First and foremost, you must consider how committed you are to wearing them and how they would fit into your lifestyle.
To ready yourself for the transition, here are some of the tips you should bear in mind:
  • Understand What The Process Will Be Like
Your eye doctor will take a case history. He will also do a general exam and ask about the lifestyle you have. After that, they'll put contact lenses in and will have you stick around to make sure they settle, ensure that you feel comfortable, check your vision, and of course teach you the ways to put them in and take them out. It isn’t scary and there isn’t much more involved compared to a general exam.
  • Come To The Eye Doctor Appointment Ready
It's best not to wear makeup to the appointment and make sure you bring along your prescription glasses. I can feel you cringing at the no makeup rule but your eye doctor needs to be able to see every part of your eyes clearly so leave the liner at home, say no to the eye-shadow and skip the mascara! 
  • Almost Everyone Can Wear Contact Lenses, Even If You Have An Astigmatism
Thinking that you cannot wear contacts or soft contact lenses if you have an astigmatism is one of the biggest misconceptions and something that hasn't been true for many years. It is only a myth that is perpetuated. What has changed is that there is now a broader range of available prescriptions for daily disposables for those who have astigmatism.
  • If You Are Going To Get Contact Lenses To Alter Your Eye Color, Treat Them With The Same Care You Would A Prescription
Just because these lenses have a cosmetic component it does not put them in a separate class as a non-medical device. Your vision and cornea still have to be monitored even though there is no prescription. The problem with these types of lenses as the experts have seen, is when individuals order them over the internet and then share them with friends. Unfortunately in the past this has brought about devastating consequences.
  • Decide Which Kind Of Contact Lenses Fit Best With Your Lifestyle
Based on the clinical examination your practitioner will pick out the best materials. Generally, in the practice of some experts, they prefer anybody under twenty-one to wear disposable contact lenses daily. If you are going to go in as new wearer, particularly if you are an active and young teenager, you must tell your eye expert that your preference is daily disposable contact lenses. They are the safest and best way to wear contacts particularly if you are too busy to be fastidious about cleaning them. Imagine how much easier your life would be, simply throwing away your contact lenses every evening and having a brand new set each morning.

Contact lenses are more beneficial than traditional eyeglasses. If you have decided to go for contacts then you now have a few factors to keep in mind. And when you are ready to take the plunge, visit Lensite contact lenses UK to get a 10% discount on your first order.

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