Millennials In The Gym: The New Wave Of Fitness Trends - Guest Post By Mia Taylor

The word millennial, as well as the generation it represents, is possibly the word generating the biggest buzz in recent years, and there’s a good reason for it. Millennials are not only one of the largest groups in the world, one that is predicted to surpass baby boomers as soon as next year, but they are the most influential one as well. They’re the ones instigating change, whether we’re talking equality in every sense of the word, environmental causes, the corporate world and even fashion and beauty. They’re hugely affecting the world of dating, and finally, the universe of fitness and overall wellness. This generation has taken well-being to a whole new level, through either invention of new ways to stay fit and healthy or bringing back old, ancient approaches to wellness. So, let’s see what exactly is different than just several years ago.

Gym membership is so passé

If you think you’ll see a typical millennial at the gym, guess again. Not only does this generation find the traditional ways of exercising devoid of the motivation factor, but they’re also highly aware that gym memberships are far from affordable. Yes, the millennial generation is all about experiences over material goods, but at large, they’re also a generation drowning in college loans, so don’t expect them to fork up their hard earned money on a pricey gym membership.

A way to connect

Millennials by nature are social creatures, and regardless of the misconception that they’re glued to their phones and have no connection to reality, they are communal creatures. This brings us to a new wave of fitness trends. Millennials prefer social fitness activities that allow them to connect with like-minded people. Forget happy hours and clubbing – exercising is where connections are made. According to USA today, competitive activities are also a thing of the past, and gen Y-ers are increasingly leaning towards sports and activities that promote togetherness – it’s all about motivating each other to be better and less and less about being ‘the best’.

Staying on trend

Group activities have in turn created quite a shift in the way they perceive gym attire. Now that you're exercising with a group of people, whether you’re taking a Zumba class, doing CrossFit or SoulCycle, you want to look presentable. This need to be able to complete a good workout session while looking presentable is one of the reasons athleisure came to be, and why sportswear companies upped their game when it comes to the design of their apparel. Now you have sneakers that both offer support, but are also cute enough to take to brunch, amazing womens exercise tights and sports bras that you can proudly rock in the streets and even chic gym bags that look nothing like the unsightly ones from the past. What you have to understand about this generation, and the world we live in today overall, is that life is hectic, and there’s no time for long exercise routines followed by changes of clothing in order to move on to the next thing.

The techno-savvy aspect

We know that millennials love their gadgets and devices, and this brings us to yet another trend in exercise. Our phones make it easy to track our progress – we can know everything from our heart rate to our step and calorie count just by glancing at an app. This is another reason the gym is on its way out – why pay for information you can get for free? Aside from that, there are tons of online programs that offer meal and exercise plans that allow them to work out virtually anywhere –from the park to their bedroom, and there’s no gym that can beat that kind of convenience.

No pain, no gain

Yes, millennials have replaced long and monotonous gym time with quicker and more effective exercise programs, but there is another thing that has changed – the pursuit of wellness in terms of nutrition. Unlike previous generations who believed in quick diets and essentially starvation, millennials are more aware of what goes into their bodies. They see wellness and fitness as a long-term commitment as opposed to a quick fix. This is why they’re increasingly turning to superfoods, organic produce, and pre-planned meals. Basically, they’ve cracked the code – weight isn’t as strong a signifier of health as previous generations have led us to believe. You can be any size, as long as you’re consistent in your pursuit of health through proper nutrition and a workout regimen that suits your needs.

Mia Taylor is a fashion and beauty enthusiast from Sydney and writer for She loves writing about her life experiences. Travelling and enjoying other cultures and their food with her husband is a big part of her life. She is always on the lookout for new trends in fashion and beauty, and considers herself an expert when it comes to lifestyle tips. Twitter | Facebook

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  1. Sounds the millenials know what's best for our bodies!
    Now for me to ditch that chocolate addiction and get started!
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