Top 5 Biggest Claims In Britain*

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Over the years, we have seen compensation rightfully being paid to individuals whose lives have been dramatically changed — whether this is from medical negligence or by an accident on the road. To find out some of the biggest claims, we’ve teamed up with TRUE Solicitors, specialists in personal injury claims, to find out more.
Maisha Najeeb - £24m
Maisha Najeeb was an active and happy girl who had hopes and dreams to become a doctor, but at the age of ten, she was victim to catastrophic medical negligence. At Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children in London, where Maisha was having surgery, doctors accidently inserted a syringe filled with glue into her brain which they initially thought was dye.  
A settlement orchestrated by the High Court said that she will receive a lump sum of £2.8m and then to begin with, gain annual payments of £383,000 until the age of 19. The annual payment will go up to £423,000 each year until she dies. If she lives until 64, she will have received a total of £24m.
Agnes Collier - £23m
At the age of 13, Agnes Collier was involved in a car crash that killed her mother, Karen Hood, and left her with serious spinal injuries. The crash was caused when a BMW executive pulled out from a side road at an unexpected time. Agnes was left paralysed in all four limbs, but with her hunger for success, she was able to return to school and pass her exams without failure, and now has hopes to go to university.
From the accident, Agnes received a lump sum payout of £7.5m. Additionally, she will receive £270,000 annually to help cover the costs of her care — which she will require for the rest of her life. Calculating the yearly payment with her life expectancy, it is expected that a total of £23m will be paid.
Manny Helmot - £14m
Manny Helmot was no ordinary man, he competed on behalf of Guernsey at the Commonwealth Games with a speciality in cycling — which he could only hope to do today. In 1998, whilst he was training, Manny was knocked off his bike after being hit by a car. He suffered serious brain injuries, lost the feeling in his right arm and became partially blind as a result.
From his injuries, Manny now requires 24/7 care, and to help with this, he was awarded £13.75m to last his entire lifetime.
Unidentified boy - £13m
An 11-year-old boy, who was born at Manor Hospital in the West Midlands, has the mind capacity of a six-year-old — with no signs of improvement on the horizon. The issue occurred when the boy was not treated for his abnormally low sugar levels. As a result, he became blind with speech problems leading him to have learning difficulties and behavioural problems.
The boy received a lump sum of £1.45m accompanied with annual payments of £88,000 until the boy reaches the age of 16. At this point, the annual figure will increase to £120,000 until the age of 20. From then on, the amount goes up to £145,000 annually. Rightfully, other costs, such as physiotherapy and loss of earnings, are covered.
Wasim Mohammed - £11m
18-year-old Wasim was in the passenger seat when the driver tried to overtake another vehicle at a junction in 2006. At around 50mph, the car sped into a nearby wall leaving him with minimum movement which requires him to have special care by two professionals on a daily basis.
Wasim received a lump sum of £4.25m with annual payments of £235,000 to meet any health-related care. This is expected to calculate to around £11.15m throughout his lifetime.

Above we can see some of the biggest claims in Britain, and although the figures sound good — remember that those affected have been privy to traumatic experiences, and the money given can never be enough to compensate.

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