How To Be The Best Version Of Yourself - Guest Post By Mia Taylor

The times are difficult and so are we; with so many things happening, it sometimes feels like we’re losing the ground beneath our feet. Getting into so many roles in a day is as frustrating as it is rewarding, but until we get to the reward part, there’s just too much to handle, maneuver, organize, prioritize and learn. And all while we’re doing all those supposedly significant, bigger-than-life things, we’re actively missing out on life itself – all the small, significant things, things that are actually keeping us alive. Honestly, when was the last time you kept your phone in your pocket and just stared at the sky? When was the last time you held your partner tight, didn’t think about deadlines or were happy with your weight? Or, better yet – when was it that you took some time for yourself without rushing out to do just that little thing? Exactly.

The absurdity of “I can”

The paradox of today is that the public is telling us that we are more powerful than ever when the subjective feeling is that, for the most part, it’s quite the opposite. Although we might be stronger, more empowered, liberated and equal than we’ve ever been, the individual plan is where most of us are failing. And it’s not that we’re failing because we’re weak or incapable – it’s because there’s just so much to do. Be the best possible CEO/employee they ever had, be a wife and a sister and a friend; take phenomenal care of your body, cook the most delicious, healthy food, nail it at your freelance gig, get everywhere in those 4 inch heels without tripping, don’t let yourself go out of the house looking plain… or too dressed up. Be emotionally supportive to your partner, find the time for your parents, sex it up in the bedroom, keep the house clean and the fridge stocked, teach your kids manners and show up even when you feel like sleeping through the day. Stay sane. Ironically, we’re managing it all even though there’s only 24 hours in a day and 244 chores to tackle. The question is – when does the absurdity of “I can” stop, and we finally start putting ourselves first?

Stop the clock

Although being a superwoman is a wonderful badge of honor to carry around, we’ll do with just a “woman” for now. You’ve proved everyone you can be this fantastic, bigger-than-life-woman who knows how to do everything, manages to get things done without breaking deadlines, and still looks phenomenal doing it. However, the best version of you isn’t that overworked, tired, constantly stressed gal you keep seeing in the mirror; it’s the woman who knows when to say “enough” and stops to rest when she feels like it. Her life is her own happiness, and she does everything in her power to keep herself happy first, and then – everyone else. This girl is no longer worried about how to be a good girlfriend – she knows it: by actually spending time with the one she loves, and letting herself go. She takes risks, but the risks that pay off for her; she values her time, her youth, her fine lines and first grays in her hair. She is capable and grateful for every opportunity she is given, but she is finally realizing her life, her happiness, and her peace are more valuable than a deadline. And, so – she is actively working on growing into the best version of herself by removing the toxicity from her life and introducing things that make her jump for joy.

Everything in moderation

Forget everything that you’ve ever read on how to be the best version of yourself. Forget about all the musts and mustn’ts, the monthly magazine hypes pushing you into a mold you are supposed to like, just so you could fit in somewhere you don’t belong. Forget everything that you ever did that made you unhappy or less. Close your eyes, and think. Think about things that make your heart jump; give power to your thoughts by marrying them to your emotions and let them work for you.  Envision yourself in the most positive light… what do you look like? Are you thin? Great – go the gym straight away! Are you chubby? Awesome, enjoy that cake! Are you wearing the latest D&G collection or are you rocking ripped jeans with a bomber? Are you holding someone’s hand, or are you single? Is there a glass-wall office in your mind or are you working from a home office? Whatever you envision, write it down as your starting points of gradually building the best you, the happy you. Once you are clear on who you actually are – you’ll shine brighter than the Sun! And that, my Queen – is how you become the best version of yourself.

Mia Taylor is a fashion and beauty enthusiast from Sydney and writer for She loves writing about her life experiences. Travelling and enjoying other cultures and their food with her husband is a big part of her life. She is always on the lookout for new trends in fashion and beauty, and considers herself an expert when it comes to lifestyle tips.
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