Dating Ideas That Just Might Bring You Closer Together*

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When you throw a group of people together and give them an inordinately difficult task, one of two things usually happens. The challenge either a) causes complete havoc and disarray or b) the individuals find a way to work together, thus overcoming said challenge. 
This is usually known as a team building exercise and it can really help to strengthen bonds and improve social relations. 
A team building exercise can also really help you to connect with your partner on a much deeper level. Depending on the nature of the challenge, it can also make or break a relationship. Pressure and/or unusual circumstances will bring out the best and worst in people so be warned. However, if you're prepared to take the chance and you want to really get to know your partner then here are some ideas;

Blindfold Driving 

The Adrenalin Jungle in Nottinghamshire boasts the best in outdoor entertainment. I'm talking 4x4 off road driving, paintballing, quad biking, and even blindfold driving! Spread out over one hundred and fifty acres of woodland and clearings, this would be a fun and challenging experience for any couple. If you live in this area and are single then why not look at a Nottinghamshire dating site? You might meet the man (or woman) of your dreams and you could drag them along for an outdoor adventure.

Caving, Climbing And Abseiling 

Another one for lovers of the great outdoors is Caving, Climbing and Abseiling at Cheddar in Somerset. If you're after a challenging day out then this will be right up your street and the activity sites are located in the beautiful and scenic Mendip Hills. Again if you're after a date then you'll find many local singles on the Somerset dating site. Somerset is also famous for it's popular tourist attraction, Wookey Hole Caves. 


Camping is an experience that can really bring two people closer together. There's nothing quite like roughing it with nature to bring out previously unseen sides of each other. 
Edinburgh singles is a dating website for locals who live in the area and if you are up for a spot of camping then try Edinburgh Festival Camping. This delightful campsite is perfect for any festival goers. Did you know that the annual Edinburgh Festival is the largest cultural event in the world? 

White Water Rafting Or Raft Building

If you don't mind getting wet then try something a little 'outside of the box' such as Whitewater Rafting. The Nene Whitewater Centre in Northampton not only offers sessions in rafting but also in raft building. The idea is to work together to build your own raft and then keep it afloat as you test it on the river. Don't worry, there are instructors on hand to give help and advice!

The Crystal Challenge 

Another unusual idea... A Day in the Country is an award winning team building and conference venue situated on the Oxfordshire and Northamptonshire border. Home to the 'Crystal Challenge,' this sees teams compete various tasks as they collect as many crystals as possible. On perusing the website this platform seems to be purely for those who want to get out of the office to work on team building. However, who's to say that you can't get your workplace on board or that partners can't come? Interestingly, this challenge is based on the well known TV series, The Crystal Maze. Of course you don't have to live in the area or have met anyone from an Oxfordshire dating site to enjoy a day out like this. It's also easily accessible by car or train. 

If you don't live in or anywhere near any of the above mentioned places and you can't or won't travel then fear not. Simply perform a quick internet search and let Google do its thing. There's bound to be other venues or experience days more local to you.

On a final note, if you're newly single and would like to get back out on the dating scene then I recommend perusing the internet for the very best dating sites. Take the time to perfect your dating profile and if you do have one or two bad dates, please don't let this put you off. We've all been there at some time or another but stick with it, there's someone out there for everyone!

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