Well Hello There New Year - Just Another Obligatory Goals Post :)

Happy New Year to you all! Hope your heads aren't too sore? Poorly as I'm still feeling - not a hangover unfortunately - I thought I'd drag my tush out of bed and fire up the laptop to bring you my very first post of 2018. If you do come across any typos then apologies in advance as I'm just winging this one! ;)

This year - for me at any rate - is all about one word. Change. A change in how I treat myself, in how I treat and appreciate others, in my approach to my work/life balance, in how I deal with my anxieties, my fears and of course my goals. This year is about doing more of what's good for me. About getting in front of the camera, documenting many wonderful memories and about becoming a healthier, stronger version of myself. Inevitably there are also a couple of goals that are career related, but then I wouldn't be GirlGoneDreamer if that wasn't the case right? 

It turns out that my 2018 goals list is as long as my arm so rather than share every single one with you - do you really need to know that I'm planning Botox for my frown line ha ha? - I'm simply going to share the main focal points.

Starting from now, I'm going to learn to take better care of myself both physically and mentally. 2017 saw me push myself way too hard and my health suffered hugely for it. I was staying up all ridiculous hours of the night - early mornings too - just to keep up with blog posts. I also wasn't eating properly, not keeping fit and not taking any real time out etc etc. After being on antibiotics three out of four months, feeling constantly drained and catching every bug going, I think my body was trying to tell me to slow it down. 

I'm a believer in making resolutions that I can actually stick to, so there's really no point in me promising to join a gym because the likelihood of me actually going is quite slim. Instead I'm simply making a vow to just exercise more frequently. This might mean going for a run in an evening after work, taking part in the occasional keep fit or dance class or even just yoga stretches in my bedroom. 

Diet wise I'm going to increase my water intake, eat more healthily and also learn how to cook. No more constant microwave meals on the go just because I don't have time to make anything else. I'm going to pull my finger out and learn to make a few dishes. I've read up on what goes into all these ready meals and it's really quite alarming. We are what we put into our bodies so it's no real wonder that I've felt so fatigued and sluggish.

Spend more quality time with my boyfriend, friends and family. I've neglected certain people over the last twelve months, again due to my commitments and workload. This year I'm going to make sure that this doesn't happen. I'd also really love for Mike and I to go hiking, travel a little and to visit new places. I've strict instructions to get myself a passport so you never know, this could be the year I get a little wanderlust!

Work on my novel. Can I say this now? GirlGoneDreamer went crazy last year right? Looking back I can safely say I smashed all my blog goals. After working on over two hundred collaborative posts, I rounded off 2017 working with the very same client who initially kick-started it all for me back in March. Of course I hope to work on more collaborative posts this year, but I'm also going to be taking a teensy step back whilst I focus on myself, on my relationships and on fiction again. 

Phew. Brew time. What are your goals for this year lovelies? I'll leave you with some images from 2017. Until next time...


  1. Great goals, honey! It's so important to look after your physical and mental health, and to not neglect friends and family. Good luck :) x www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x

  2. Awww thanks hun. And yes I firmly agree. This year is all about becoming healthy, stronger and enjoying being with those I love �� Xx


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