The Best Ways To Get Over Your Hangover This Festive Season*

*This is a collaborative post*

Go on, have another one! It is Christmas after-all! We’ve all been there haven’t we? At our Christmas parties, meeting friends at the pub for Christmas drinks, or that blowout Boxing Day night out. All of a sudden you find yourself spiraling into a ten shots deep karaoke performance of 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' and ordering an Uber straight to bed. That all singing all dancing version of you has no intention of drinking a gallon of water when you eventually make it home, even if it would help out the poor fragile version of you that’ll be waking up late tomorrow. 

So, how can you combat the inevitable hangover? How do you ensure you’re not going to waste one of your precious days off over the Christmas period, falling into that pit of self inflicted despair? Well fear not, here are a few suggestions;

It’d be amiss not to open this up with the most obvious (and free) answer. Drink water! Alcohol dehydrates you, so half the reason for a hangover is dehydration. Down as much water as you can to try get your hydration levels back up! 

Cook up a healthy meal
Okay... I hear the groans already! When you feel like you just died the night before and the current version of you is wandering around aimlessly in your house like a left over zombie shell, the last thing you'll want to even think about is cooking. Remember though, you feel like that because drinking isn’t healthy, so why would eating something unhealthy help at all! You might be craving fast food, and certainly... something nice and carby always makes you feel better for a while. But it is only for a while! Throwing a salad together is so much better. Plus, dragging yourself into the kitchen will put you in just the right room to make sure you’re drinking all that water! 

Avoid coffee
Okay! We’ve all been guilty of this instant fix. You roll out of bed, think and feel like you're dying and want nothing more than the smell of coffee to just wake you up! Well keep the coffee beans for the face mask, because coffee actually contributes to dehydration. 
According to Nature's Best resident nutritionist, Shona Wilkinson, ‘a far better alternative is coconut water or water with electrolyte concentrate added, to aid recovery.’

Replace those painkillers with vitamins
Painkillers do not a hangover cure make! They might make you feel better but you’d be surprised to know they’re doing more damage than good. Shona advises that they can actually make the effects of alcohol worse. Instead, try a liver supporting supplement. Some great suggestions are listed below;

Herb Milk Thistle - known to protect liver cells from damage. 
Omega 3 - known to help line the stomach and replenish healthy fats. 
Multi Vitamins - this will help replenish the good nutrients and vitamins the alcohol has just wiped from your system! 
Vitamin C - helps with your energy production! 

Shona also recommends replenishing your micronutrients; ‘Green leafy vegetables, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and red cabbage are great sources of vitamin C and minerals including magnesium, as well as helping to support the liver. Nuts and seeds are loaded with zinc, magnesium and calcium, as well as healthy fats.’

Of course, once you’ve replenished your body with all those healthy nutrients, food and water, you can reward yourself with the best cure for a hangover! Drag a duvet over to the sofa, lay back and enjoy one of the countless Christmas movies that’ll no doubt be showing on TV that day! 

For more nutritional advice, or to start stocking up on vitamins, head on over to Nature's Best where you can read more from Shona Wilkinson who’s expert advice we quoted today. Have a great festive season and I hope these suggestions help you over the holidays.

Merry Christmas!

*Written by Jason Machin

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