Insurance... The Word We Love To Hate*

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Let's be realistic for a moment, the thought of having to search numerous companies each and every year for insurance is something most of us don't relish the idea of, however, it is a necessary “evil” in everyday life. Even more so if you own a small business. Regardless of whether you have an already established business or if you're starting up, insurance is something you are at some point going to need, and the people at Rigby Financial can give you a competitive quote to suit your exact needs.

Before you start to think that small business insurance could be the one thing you could get away without purchasing, I'd ask you to write a short list, or think about what your company needs to function day to day. Now, what happens if your premises was to flood or set on fire? What about if your tools were stolen, or if your shop was broken into? What about if a customer or staff member injured themselves either in your shop, or by falling over your tool bag? If any of these things happened, could your business continue to function? Could you afford to pay out compensation claims, or afford a court case?

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However careful we are, these things can and do happen, and Rigby Financial are able to put insurance in place to help you when you need it.

As a small business owner myself, I can testify to the benefits of small business insurance. I once fitted a bathroom for a customer, and over time one of the fittings began to leak. Slowly water caused damage and when the customer called me back I contacted my insurance company. They took care of the repairs, from getting quotations to completing the work. This meant I didn't have to come away from another job or let other customers down. The original customer was happy, and I was eternally grateful I hadn't neglected purchasing the policy.

So while you're reading this and enjoying your cup of tea, why not contact Rigby Financial and get a hassle free quotation? It could be the best thing you do today!

*Written by Leigh. Amateur blogger, full time blagger  :) 

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