It's A Big World Out There; Get Out And Explore It*

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Having never been before and also being the type of people who don't really like to travel to the same destination twice - it's a big world out there, get out and explore it - Lanzarote seemed as good a place as any for our annual family holiday. 

We travelled in November for one of two reasons, the first being all year round good weather, and the second being cheap travel out of season, and as our son hadn't yet started school, any excuse not to pay premium prices for school holiday travel was a bonus.

Our holiday destination was the resort of Costa Teguise, situated in the north of the island. With a drive time of approximately twenty to thirty minutes from the airport to the El Trebol hotel, the destination was ideal.

We stayed on an all inclusive basis, which if you factor in how many ice creams a four year old can munch their way through in a week, it was a good option. Our hotel was within walking distance of the obligatory Spar supermarket - fantastic, as we had forgotten the corkscrew for those cheeky bottles of wine on the balcony before bed.

Costa Teguise is home to the Lanzarote Aquarium which boasts to be the largest in the Canary Islands, and being situated just down the road from our hotel was a fantastic day out, enjoyed by all the family. We were able to observe many types of fish and also enjoy the “touch pools”. The staff spoke English and were happy to answer any questions that the small man had. They even have the option to dive with sharks in their tanks, this is something Dad wanted to do, however Mum said No! So having managed to while away a good few hours we made our way to the beach.

The beaches and promenade in the resort are geared towards families and we enjoyed many days in the beach front cafes and paddling in the sea. The beaches in the resort were primarily golden sand although some required taking the steps to get down to them. While on the beach there was plenty of opportunity to have a go at different water sports. The promenade is flat and ideal for long walks either with or without a buggy, and occasionally the chance to ride a camel arises.

The other highlight of our holiday was an organised excursion to the Ranch Texas Park, this is a wild west themed park/zoo/water park, basically an all encompassing bit of everything for everyone. We spent an entire day there and could have easily spent another. The park features an array of animals and birds, including the “traditional” parrot show, and seal lion display. After spending time enjoying the shows and looking at all the animals it was time to have some fun in the on-site water park.

The park offered water slides to go on, an also a splash park with a sunbathing area (something for mum) and as this was the little man's first experience of a water park it made sense to go on the slides as many times as we could. So having locked our belongings in the lockers we set about getting tanned and wet. The park also offered donkey rides, canoeing around the lazy river and panning for gold.
After doing all these activities it was time for food. The park had various places to eat and if you timed it right you could watch a show while eating your meal. Overall this was a great day out and well recommended.

Our family holiday to Lanzarote was thoroughly enjoyable, and even though we don't usually visit the same destination twice we would certainly consider going back, and as James Bond once said “Never Say Never Again”. 

*Written by Leigh. Amateur blogger, full time blagger  :) 

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